Adjustable LED Wallpack PIR Sensor

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Adjustable LED Wallpack PIR Sensor

The Adjustable LED Wallpack PIR Sensor from Bbier Lighting is ideal for outdoor use in commercial and residential applications such as retail, education, multi-unit housing and storage.


This Outdoor Integrated LED Wall Pack Light with Dusk to Dawn Photocell available in 40 Watt,60 Watt,80 Watt and 100 Watt,Luminous Flux from 4800lm to 12000lm,Wall or arm mount,For flexibility of use, this wall pack can be surface, recessed or arm mounted. Lighting & Ceiling Fans, Commercial Lighting, Wall Packs.


PIR Sensor Technical Requirements:
LUX files transferred to daytime files, day and night are moving to light the body induction; transferred to the night file, no one during the day and induction, the evening moved to the human body lights.

PIR Sensor Function:
Infrared sensor power into the infrared sensor mode, LUX file adjust the sensor load is turned on (lighting) ambient light: When the direction of the knob to the sun position indicator rotation, the load will be turned on during the day; The sensor is only turned on at night.

TIME file to adjust the sensor working delay time: When the direction of the knob to the + sign position instructions, the delay time is increasing, the longest 6min ± 2min; to - number position rotation time delay shorter and shorter, The shortest is 10sec ± 5sec.

SENS file sensing sensor sensing distance: When the direction of the knob to indicate the number of points + position rotation, the sensor sensing distance farther and farther, in the appropriate ambient temperature, the sensing distance of up to 12 meters; to - number position of the sensing distance Getting closer.


PIR Sensor Technical Parameters:

1. Power Source: 110~130V/AC  /  220~240V/AC
2. Power Frequency: 50/60Hz
3. Rated load:
MAX. 800W resistive load (110~130V)
MAX. 1200W resistive load (220~240V)
4. Detection Range: 180°   
5. Detection Distance: 12m (adjustable)
6. Time Setting: 10sec±5sec to 6min±2min (adjustable)
7. Light Control: <3~2000lux (adjustable)
8. Detection Motion Speed: 0.6-1.5m/s
9. Working TemperaturePower: -10°C -- +40°C
10. Installation Height: 1m~3m

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