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Bbier new design 30W LED retrofit Kits

  • 30W LED retrofit Kit

Product Abstract:

30W LED retrofit Kit--Using the fins aluminum heat sink to build. Can be mainly apply in retrofit market , such as retrofit canopy lamp, shoebox street lamps , wall pack, gas station lamps. So that let traditional fixture would be LED application .

Product Description

Bbier company will sell the only LED retrofit kits for all the customer as well.


1. it is very convenience and Flexible Application use for replace the traditional street light fixture, or wallpack fixture.canopy fixture. gas station light fixture. so that to be LED application.

2.Size: 137mm*141mm*66mm

3. LED quantity: 20 LEDs

4. Constitute: High power LED, circuit board, Lens,fins heat sink.

More about the LED replace traditional please see below:

LED Retrofit it is for HID Lighting replaces wasteful Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor and High Pressure Sodium Lighting with solid state LED lights that produce higher quality (color rendering / color temperature) light, providing more usable light for human vision .

Retrofit Equivalents
8W LED = 75W to 120W HID
34W LED = 100W to 250W HID
68W LED = 250W to 320W HID
98W LED = 400W to 750W HID
196W LED = 750W to 1000W HID
272W LED = 1000W to 1500W HID

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