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We have LED 2x4 Troffer,2x4 Troffer,35w 2x4 Troffer Light,50w 2x4 Troffer Light,LED Troffer Fixture Retrofit Kits,2x4, 2x2 and 1x4 LED troffers available in 3,500K to 5,000K. Carries a full selection of LED 2x4 Recessed Troffer LED Lighting, offers a solution to all your 2x4 office lighting challenges with crisp and efficient LED Light.

What is Troffer ?

A Troffer is rectangular light fixture that fits into a modular Dropped grid(i.e 2 by 2’or 2’by4)
Troffer fixtures have typically been designed to accommodate standard flurescent lamps(T12,T8,T5)
but are now often designned with integral LED Sources.

Troffer are typically recessed sitting above the ceiling grid but are also available in surface mount"boxes".

What Size and Watts you need ?
1)  2’×2’ 25W/40W
2)  2’×4’ 35W/50W
3)  1’×4’ 25W/40W

Can it Build with Sensor ?
1)  Day Light Sensor
2)  PIR Sensor
3)  Microwave Motion Sensor
4)  LED Emergency Lighting Kit

LED Troffer Benefits:
1)  Luminaire destined to send more fluorescent fixtures down the tubes
2)  Class-leading performance up to 130 LPW for maximum energy savings – up to 60% less than similar fluorescent solutions
3)  Troffer qualifies for DLC which enables enhanced rebates nationwide
4)  Remarkably priced for a typical payback of less than one years
5)  Choose between 80+ and 90 CRI to enhance the look of any space
6)  Ultra-thin height and lightweight design effectively targets a broad range of plenum spaces
7)  BBIER Smart Technology intelligent light solution or continuous 0-10V dimming to 5% along with up to 130 LPW efficacy enables compliance with most nationwide energy codes
8)  Creates a soft, comfortable lighting experience by utilizing a matte finish design which reduces glare and enables perfect vertical and horizontal light distribution

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