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LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

  • LED Canopy Ceiling Mounted Gas Station Lights Bbier's LED Canopy Ceiling Mounted Gas Station Lights, LED Gasoline Canopy Light, canopy led lights for gas stations are IP66 rated, explosion-proof, and comes with a 5 year warranty. IES files are available. An integrated modular design supports excellent heat sinking and easy replacement for future maintenance. The power supply is built in the chamber with better protection than external ones. BBIER LED Gas Station Light (Filling Station Lights) is a professional LED lighting for world Gas Station Lighting, petrol station lighting, Garage lighting, LED Petrol station LED lighting designed by COMMSUN base of generation I LED Gas Station Lighting to replace traditional petrol station lighting in world filling station, offering lower operating temperatures, lower power consumption and longer life.
  • LED Canopy Soffit Luminaire Gas Station Lights LED Gas Station Lights, led lights for gas station, gas station canopy led lights, We have several series LED gas station lightings, Canopy Ceiling Mounted Gas Station, Explode Led Gas Station Light, Module Led Gas Station Light, we supply Gas Station lighting solutions, for canopy, shop, area and road, Produced by Bbier Lighting, a Strong China-Based Manufacturer with 7 YEARS of Lighting Experience. LED Gas Station Canopy Soffit Lighting, Flat Lens Canopy Light, Petroleum Canopy Lighting, luminaries has a slim low profile design can mount on virtually any canopy/soffit and is the perfect upgrade solution.
  • 120w Led Gas Petroleum Station Light
  • 90w Waterproof LED Canopy Light for Petrol Station Lighting
  • 75w Waterproof LED Canopy Light for Petrol Station Lighting
  • 60w Led Gas Station Canopy Lighting

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