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  • 100W LED Round Retrofit Kits Dimmable 3030 Chip   100W DLC LED Retrofit Kits, 12000lm, 300W metal halide replacement, E39 mogul LED retrofit kits. Easily Retrofit LED Light Fixtures, A true replacement for general lighting applications. Patented E39 (Mogul Base) Screw-in LED Retrofit for customers. Specially designed for indoor and outdoor lighting. This kit can retrofit all the conventional lighting fixtures.
  • 80W LED Round Retrofit Kits Dimmable 3030 Chip 80W 9600lm LED Retrofit Kits, D1 Series, LED Retrofits for Metal Halides, 250W metal halide replacement,E39 mogul LED retrofit kits.Easily Retrofit LED Light Fixtures,A true replacement for general lighting applications.Patented E39 (Mogul Base) Screw-in LED Retrofit for customers. Specially designed for indoor and outdoor lighting. This kit can retrofit all the conventional lighting fixtures.
  • 60W LED Round Retrofit Kits Dimmable 3030 Chip Our Round D1 Series Retrofit Kits 60W,80W,100W,120W,150W,200W,240W,320W main to replace your existing lighting with a new and better lighting technology,DLC Listed Screw-in Retrofit ! Temperature protection, Preferably to increase the energy efficiency and the quality of light in the facility.they are a true replacement for general lighting applications.Patented E39 (Mogul Base) Screw-in LED Retrofit for customers.
  • LED Troffer Light Fixture Retrofit Kits We have LED Troffer Light,2x4 Troffer,2x2 Troffer & 1x4 Troffer,LED Troffer Fixture Retrofit Kits,2x4, 2x2 and 1x4 LED troffers available in 3,500K to 5,700K. Carries a full selection of LED 2x4,2x2,1x4 Recessed Troffer LED Lighting, offers a solution to all your 2x4,2x2,1x4 office lighting challenges with crisp and efficient LED Light. What is Troffer ? A Troffer is rectangular light fixture that fits into a modular Dropped grid(i.e 2 by 2’or 2’by4) Troffer fixtures have typically been designed to accommodate standard flurescent lamps(T12,T8,T5) but are now often designned with integral LED Sources. Troffer are typically recessed sitting above the ceiling grid but are also available in surface mount"boxes". What Size and Watts you need ? 1)  2’×2’ 25W/40W 2)  2’×4’ 35W/50W 3)  1’×4’ 25W/40W Can it Build with Sensor ? 1)  Day Light Sensor 2)  PIR Sensor 3)  Microwave Motion Sensor 4)  LED Emergency Lighting Kit LED Troffer Benefits: 1)  Luminaire destined to send more fluorescent fixtures down the tubes 2)  Class-leading performance up to 130 LPW for maximum energy savings – up to 60% less than similar fluorescent solutions 3)  Troffer qualifies for DLC which enables enhanced rebates nationwide 4)  Remarkably priced for a typical payback of less than one years 5)  Choose between 80+ and 90 CRI to enhance the look of any space 6)  Ultra-thin height and lightweight design effectively targets a broad range of plenum spaces 7)  BBIER Smart Technology intelligent light solution or continuous 0-10V dimming to 5% along with up to 130 LPW efficacy enables compliance with most nationwide energy codes 8)  Creates a soft, comfortable lighting experience by utilizing a matte finish design which reduces glare and enables perfect vertical and horizontal light distribution
  • LED Fins Pizza Highbay Lamps LED Fins Pizza Highbay Lamps, LED HID Retrofit High Bay Lights, LED High & Low Bay Retrofit Lights from us are your best solution for large spaces such as gymnasiums, warehouses and big retail stores that have high ceilings. Use them to replace your metal halide bulb equivalent and you'll save energy in the long run. these items are major to replace the HID/HPS/LPS with aluminum bracket directly.
  • IP67 LED Corn Bulb Acorn Post Top Retrofit Lamps 1.The LED Acorn Post Top Retrofit Lamps,LED Acorn Street Lights,Corn Stype LED Bubls are designed for use in a variety of applications to replace existing HID or HPS lamps 2.Cast aluminum heat sink 3.Up to 75% energy savings 4.High efficiency and heat and impact resistant 5.Decorative Post Top Fixtures, Decorative Acorn Fixtures & Base Down Applications
  • D Series LED Corn Lights The D series LED Corn Lights are great designed to replace metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. We are DLC ETL SAA TUV Listed LED Corn Bulbs manufacturer supplier.
  • LED Flood Light Knuckle Mount The LED Architectural Flood Lights from Bbier is the LED replacement for metal halide light, with IP65 Rating, IC driver, Use for building facade lighting, sign lighting, LED landscape lighting and instant-on security lighting. The architectural floodlight led outdoor is a powerful LED Flood Light ideal for outdoor applications such as exterior building lighting, sign lighting, loading docks, or warehouses. Compared to traditional flood lighting, the flat & slim design of these architectural LED Flood Lights makes them lighter in weight, easy to install, and a very attractive upgrade to traditional flood lighting.
  • LED Post Top Retrofit Lamps Our Commercial led post top retrofit,post top led retrofit lamps,post top street light led retrofit are designed to replace existing Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps,replace parking garage canopy fixtures and post top light retrofit,retrofitting traditional pole lighting with LED Post Top lamps.
  • LED Area Flood Lights Fixtures
  • LED Wall Pack Lights C Series New designed for eighter full replacement or new construction,the C Serise LED wall pack lights are typically commercial light fixtures that are installed on the sides of buildings, parking garages, building walkways, and other places around commercial buildings.
  • LED Shoebox Area Lights Fixtures

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