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Home lighting market orientation
2012-12-20 11:53:44


Home lighting home lighting market orientation market orientation problems, normal family life today are incandescent and energy-saving lamps and LED lighting three as a light source, and the rate of use of energy-saving lamps three lamps is the highest lighting. 
The best quality, the best prospects for development is LED, relatively more expensive because of its price, its sales have less relatively, but its sales have always been an upward trend. 
Market research, incandescent lighting of three families living in the cheapest and the most expensive is the LED lights. A 40W incandescent price is 1.8 yuan, 5W energy saving lamps 12 $ -20 $ 5W LED lamp is 80 yuan. 
Today's incandescent life basically are eliminated, and the supply on the market share mainly in two aspects of the energy-saving lamps and LED lights on development is concerned, LED has an absolute advantage in all aspects of the LED's potential is more large, as long as the technological breakthroughs of the LED costs down to a certain extent, energy-saving lamps will be trailing incandescent been out of the market.

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