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How to distinguish between the lamps and light sources?
2012-12-07 16:21:15
The lighting is indispensable in people's daily life, a electrical appliances, and its function is to provide artificial lighting to meet the lighting needs of all kinds of places. Its traditional definition, that is, including all except the light source used for fixing and protecting the light source required for all zero, components, and and power connections are necessary line attachment. The light source itself is light, and can continue to light objects.
led cob 9w
In the background of the global "energy saving", led as a new type of light source in various fields have a wide range of applications, development of standards, the performance and quality of the evaluation of LED lighting products is the focus of the Lighting Industry. 
LED in various forms, including LED packaging, LED arrays, LED modules, LED lights, it is so different, with the combination of the lamps with standard lamp type, built-in, independent and integral, so that also formed the different maintenance types, such as the light source can replace the irreplaceable, maintainable type and non-maintenance type.
In addition, the dazzling design and style, are traditional distinction is difficult to define, especially in LED lamps and LED lights on some vague or even wrong idea has been in the industry caused confusion, which the development and testing of the field of industrial development and standard of the LED lighting industry will have an adverse impact.
Lamp (lamp): for the purpose of producing light radiation (typically visible) produced by the light source.
Light-emitting diode (Light Emitting Diode (LED)): issued when a forward bias of the semiconductor device of the non-coherent optical radiation of the pn junction. Issued spectrum may be in the ultraviolet, visible or infrared wavelength region.
LED chip (LED die): a small assembly in a given function LED line light-emitting semiconductor materials.
LED array or module (LED array or module): the LED package on a printed circuit board or substrate (element), or the components of the wafer, with the optical element, additional thermal, mechanical, and intended to be connected to the load side of the LED driverelectrical interface. The device does not include a power supply and standard lamp.

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