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LED light guide plate indoor energy-saving lamps in LED technology contribution
2012-12-14 09:14:59


LED light guide plate in the LED energy-saving lamps, especially indoor LED lights increasingly play a pivotal role, and thus to improve the scientific and technological content of the LED light guide plate, but also has a major contribution to the LED energy-saving lamps. 
The light guide plate manufacturers often have high brightness dot design technology to attract our vision. According to the media reports of the industry, this design technique based on light refraction, reflection effects, light bar line source can into the range of a large area of light. 
This indoor illumination technology is a new innovation, and in fact, the light energy of the LED light bar is limited, it is impossible for the entire environment to provide greater surface light source, but the principle of light through the laser conduction of the light guide plate , it can visibility so that within a certain range. But its advantage is that such a high brightness of the light guide plate can use fewer lights particles achieved, the direct cost savings.
Laser light guide plate in terms of the R & D team, whose mission is to make the greatest efforts to reduce the entire LED light guide plate lighting applications, so that the wider spread to the interior lighting, a certain contribution to the country's energy-saving and emission reduction will .
Currently customers reflect that use LED panel lights brightness is insufficient and not uniform enough problems, possible causes of this problem is related to the diffusion plate and reflective film, if the light guide plate and diffusion plate reflective film compatible bad, also very prone to this problem, of course, there is a certain relationship.

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