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LED light source reflects what advantage
2012-12-11 14:21:19

LED light source reflected what advantages, LED light source can be constituted soft light source and blanket-type light source, and even can constitute wearable light source, which use to the LED light source can change resistance, and its can constitute any geometric image, any size. the dotted line in the surface light source, but also can be miniaturized. Cases, treatment of neonatal jaundice, the blue LED is encapsulated in blankets like baby within, does not require goggles to protect the eyes.

LED lighting is available below 6V DC voltage work, there is no traditional lighting due to the high pressure caused by the electrical safety issues.

LED light source, particularly in the medical aspects of the use of LED as the light source and multi-color mixed bare spa has been made obvious clinical effects. Many technologically advanced countries major companies have launched a variety of light therapy device using LED light source, some domestic enterprises, institutions also achieved good results.

Cases: shadowless lamp. Doctors surgery, there will be different things on the surgical site caused by shadows interfere with surgery carried out, shadowless light source to use, and does not produce the shadow, the light shines due to any angle.

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