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LED lighting industry development in Seoul
2012-12-12 09:26:49


era swept the world in the development of LEDs of Seoul , around the world, industry vendors enter or want to enter the LED market, want to occupy a certain share of the first to ban traditional lighting LED Lighting is the inevitable trend of development. In this fierce competition, the need to strengthen the advantages of all-round development, can you stand. Take the the Seoul LED industry, has been mainly package, always in the industry Preface, then expanded to seek a comprehensive product development. 
Seoul Semiconductor products are mainly divided into two categories: lighting and backlighting. White LED is the field of lighting and backlighting products in the field of manifestation. Of course, Seoul Semiconductor also involved in the field of landscape lighting, followed by the lighting, and so on. To provide customers with products based package, take lighting products, similar to a small power white LED 1W/3W high power white LED and the AC-driven LED. Also maintain a variety of technologies, markets and applications continue to simmer firm to ensure industry leading. 

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