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LED lights long life
2012-12-12 09:18:19


With the rapid development of society, people's demand for resources is growing, the energy consumption is also increasing, and serious damage to the balance of the Earth. The greenhouse effect, air pollution problem has been a negative impact on human. 
This has forced the world must be toward the direction of energy saving. In terms of lighting, China in 1996 launched a green lighting function. Over the years, the efforts of all sectors, fourth-generation light source semiconductor lighting products become a global focus, make pole lamp remarkable achievements in energy saving, LED energy-saving lamps of various programs appears.
Road lighting in China occupied the entire electricity for lighting electricity consumption by 30%, select energy saving and environmental protection equipment is not thick non-'s appear just kind of LED lighting. In addition to the cost of large, has a long life:
1.LED light attenuation value of the light source chip quality. 
2.LED package quality, consistency and reliability. 
3.LED as a cold light source, LED semiconductor generates heat. LED heat dissipation, good working conditions to ensure that the LED. 
4 power, constant current drive life quality guarantee. 
However, we expect more LED to LED Lighting popularity to the family which, if the realization of the country, an annual saving of about 5 Three Gorges Hydropower Station.

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