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Major Problems in the application of LED lights
2012-12-21 09:09:17


LED lighting industry in China is entering independent innovation, to achieve leapfrog development of great historical opportunity, the application of led cob is expanding, but the LED lights on the application in practice do encounter some problems, the country became the testing ground of the LED street lamp, some products are not scientific and technological content, low-level redundant construction, LED street light applications there are some problems to be solved. 
High prices the cost of LED lights is still far higher than the high-pressure sodium lamps, a LED street light prices in 3000 to 5000 yuan, or even higher, and a set of imported brands of high-pressure sodium lamp (including lamps, electrical equipment light source) Price more than 1500 yuan. 
Currently, LED lights is obvious too expensive, the price is 2 to 5 times of the high-pressure sodium lamps. Therefore, even if the power consumption of the parking meter lamp is only half of the high-pressure sodium lamps, but the price is much higher than the high pressure sodium, LED street lights replace high pressure sodium lamps cost recovery cycle is still long. 
Therefore, work lights in road lighting market official promotion price and the cost is still the biggest obstacle. To make unique outdoor lights down to a price competitive with existing lighting, manufacturers of cost reduction. Recently only in LED technology continues to mature, and continuously improve the luminous efficiency of the premise, the advantages of LED life, energy-saving advantages make up for the lamps price disadvantage. 
Domestic light sources can not meet the market demand for the development of the street lighting fixtures source relative abroad, a late start, technical level there are still some distance from leading international industry. Currently, Cree, Nichia, Osram, the luminous efficiency of the light source of imports in general more than 100lm / W. 
Domestic continually invested heavily on the development of the led canopy fixtures source technology, the technical level is rising, but the luminous efficiency is still 30lm / W to 60lm / W to 100lm / W in the course of development, both from a 'quality' and 'quantity' on domestic LED light source are far from being able to meet the market demand. 
Domestic wall pack light fixtures source PN junction in the normal temperature work, although the theory of life up to 100,000 hours, but due to the heat problem can not be completely effective solution so that it greatly reduced the actual life of the LED street lamp light failure (life) has also become restricting the widely used for street one of the key issues. 
LED street life No experience, many manufacturers use domestic e40 led bulb source known as life can reach 5 to 60,000 hours, but no actual use of the data or laboratory test data to support the practical application of the process, some manufacturers As the light fades, a short time there have been a large number of 'dead lights' phenomenon caused serious injury to the reputation of the led high bay lighting fixtures. Power system instability LED driver power supply instability industry consensus, in fact, it is in drag led back lighting industry, as an important part of the drive power LED street, its failure will lead to the failure of the whole lamp. 
Due to the harsh environment of outdoor work, which become the life of the components of the power part of the drive power or even the whole life of the streetlights bottleneck. 
Power supply reliability differential is likely to lead to the installation of street lights in a short period of time, this outdoor height device for LED lights for installation difficult maintenance more difficult, unstable power supply so that the maintenance costs for lamp manufacturers in terms of rising. Power LED street lamp drive power quality, but off the short board to hinder the power LED street lamp development.

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