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State Council energy saving programs to promote the development of LED lighting industry and the status quo constraints the LED lamps popularity of factors
2012-12-19 14:21:28

LED lighting industry is a major breakthrough in the development of our country in recent years, government support, lighting companies invest heavily to promote the expansion of the scale of the LED lighting. It is understood that China's State Councilor internationally released a comprehensive energy conservation program of work can promote financial subsidies, 150 one hundred million of LED lighting products .

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LED lighting support projects mainly in outdoor lighting such as LED street lights or landscape lighting and other fields. LED lamps used in indoor lighting are personal or commercial consumer groups are price sensitive.

LED interior lighting of thousands of families, and LED lighting is truly universal indoor lighting market is bigger than the market of outdoor lighting, LED indoor lighting atmosphere rendering, has an unparalleled advantage of any other light source in the past, but terms of the domestic market, the price is still too high, the majority of the people can not afford that. That led to the current situation is due to what reason? Following we briefly analyze the main factors.

LED industry, most of the core patent lies in the hands of foreigners, and we do not have to master the core technology, LED application products manufacturing capacity in the world accounted for 50% share to 50%, but profit is indeed the lowest .

LED chip with the process, the number of growth larger size wafer craftsmanship, will continue to reduce costs, reduce the rate of 20% per year in recent years , LED chip price factor, you want to enhance light efficiency is also included in the price reduction in the same price to buy a better product. The cost of LED lighting LED chip, chip price down, LED lumen unit price can be reduced to considerable stage of energy-saving lamps, interior lighting nature everywhere. LED chip is still a great room for price cuts. Domestic enterprises core technology to become one of the impediments.

LED lighting products has been the major companies are concerned about and continue to study the factors of the solution. Structural design would account for about 20% of the lamps have been industrious people in China are priced very low, 20% of the cost very reasonable, the biggest problem is how to be more innovative, design more reasonable.

Cooling costs to be maintained at 5%, the actual thermal design is very simple, keeping guard at two directions: First, the LED chip and the external heat sink pieces paths, the shorter the better, the shorter the better your thermal design ; Second, heat resistance is to have enough heat spread path must also have enough 'heat road part of the cost structure for cooling costs are not.

Power quality often affect the longevity of the LED lamps factors, power is the weakest link of the LED lamps , LED lighting development is seriously lagging behind , the quality needs to be improved. Now Design accounts for about 20% of the cost of lighting , a little high. With the technical development of power in about 5-10% of the most reasonable.

LED high cost, in fact, relative to other light source, as the 20th century, 90 years before invention Blu-ray LED leading LED white LED industry realized , in fact, now the cost is not high. Especially LED environmental protection, energy saving, no mercury, and every quarter of the price of LED lamps are sliding down, I believe we can reach the level of the people to accept a short period of time.

With the increasing levels of LED lighting technology, LED production equipment enterprises are constantly improving LED lighting technology in improving the quality of space, LED lighting in the original advantage on the basis of continuous improvement or enhance the quality function the same time, the market price of the LED lamps with a decline in the cost of production and for breaking the lower the price, and promote the application of LED lighting penetration, in order to achieve the national advocate energy saving and emission reduction work program.

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