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Technical characteristics of the LED lighting source
2012-12-08 11:52:04


source of the LED lighting LED lighting source. Which we are still using the light source, the electro-optic conversion the highest energy efficiency is the low pressure sodium, about 1401m / W. However, the function of the LED light source has reached a level of 2031m / W, is the most energy-efficient artificial light source to replace the traditional light source will be 30% -80% energy saving LED, LED light source in the range as well as the number of alternatives increases, it has great significance in the energy of the community. 
In this sense still be reflected LED lighting light another aspect, is environmentally friendly the harmless light source characteristics. LED light source is a solid-state semiconductor light source is electricity to light-emitting, cold, does not contain harmful substances. Traditional light sources contain mercury, sodium, cadmium and other harmful substances, pollution of waste on the environment is great. 
Traditional light sources in the waste treatment cost is extremely high, LED light source does not exist the problem of environmental pollution. LED radiation spectra of pure, does not cause harm to the human eye, skin light radiation. However, if not protection of traditional light sources, are to produce light pollution, the LED is a 21st century health Light.

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