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The LED Module replacement
2012-12-20 11:52:17


Acrich is a LED module, the world preceding paragraph without the AC / DC converter directly using AC LED module. Now as well as the development of a second generation product, Acrich has better performance.
Seoul Semiconductor introduced before the "Arich" product comparison, "Arich" superior embody, especially in terms of power, the power factor is raised to 97% power efficiency brought an increase of 90%. Meanwhile, less than 25% total harmonic distortion, so as to meet the requirements of various countries, the U.S. Department of Energy and other agencies to meet the requirements.
Arich ? compared with traditional LED lighting, longer life and convenient design, flexible and easy on the thermal requirements. 4W, 8W, 12W, and 16W of mold in the form of introduction of alternative LED solutions not only banned 40W, 60W and 120W incandescent, but also banned MR16 halogen lamps and downlights better the specific requirements of our customers to make the flat panel lights and LED lamp products.

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