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The conventional lamps Battle LED lighting
2012-12-12 09:24:11


With the rapid development of society, people's demand for resources is growing, the energy consumption is also increasing, and serious damage to the balance of the Earth. The greenhouse effect, air pollution problem has been a negative impact on human. This has forced the world must be toward the direction of energy saving. 
led bulbs
In terms of lighting, China in 1996 launched a green lighting function. 
Over the years, the efforts of all sectors, fourth-generation light source semiconductor lighting products become a global focus, make pole lamp remarkable achievements in energy saving, LED energy-saving lamps of various programs appears. Road lighting in China occupied the entire electricity for lighting electricity consumption by 30%, select energy saving and environmental protection equipment is not thick non-'s appear just kind of LED lighting. LED lights with conventional lamps still very large differences.  
Differentiation of conventional lighting and semiconductor LED lighting, lamps the lighting equipment assembly combination of the light source, power, lampshades and other accessories, it is also used to control the light source, the light projection, while at the same time protect light sources, improve lighting efficient lighting instruments. 
Conventional street lighting is mainly composed of the lamp housing, light source chamber, electrical room. Install the heat because there is sufficient space for housing and activated carbon and foam the silicone rubber seal, and to ensure that the working conditions of the light source. Its light source cavity protection IP65, electrical room, protection class IP45. As long as the conventional street lighting to ensure this protection conditions, can be made into any shape of conventional road lighting design brilliant, really showing daytime viewing, the night Guandeng scene. 
And the advent of the semiconductor LED street light pole lamp light source long life uniqueness with easy superiority reasonable light distribution, color temperature variability, the advantages of high color rendering index, low voltage, current light source power supply with efficient the development of energy-saving trend.

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