BBIER Sales Branch USA Company Investment (Joint Ventures) bbier's led lights pass the certification of UL,DLC,ETL,CE,Rohs,SAA,FCC,ISO,TUV
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Bbier now looking for the sales Rep and distributor in USA,to be Bbier Lighting sales rep you will make US$1200000 Per year
2017-08-07 09:51:38

As you know. Bbier Lighting is factory ( Manufacturer). So Bbier have our 4 big advantage you could cooperation with

1. Bbier now have 200 DLC certification product and 300 ETL Listed. 9 big range of product pass throught ETL & DLC Listed

led post top area light   from 30w to 100w have ETL & DLC Listed

Type D led garden light  form 30w to 80w ETL & DLC Listed

HID Pizza Retrofit LED High Bay from 60w to 150w ETL & DLC Listed

LED Retrofit Kits from 100W to 300W

led post top light from 30w to 80w

LED High Bay Lights from 60w to 100w

led troffer light from 25w to 40w

solar led wallpack from 40w to 100w

led canopy lights for gas station form 60w to 130w

led shoebox light from 80w to 120w

360 degree led t8 tube 20w etc

all of Bbier lighting product cost US$300000.00 USD dollars spent the certification. as you know.  this is a very big spent for a company.  you don't have to spend any money for certifacation. because if you want to be Bbier sales rep. then you could using Bbier lighting name. email. brand to communication with customer.  say that you are the bbier team. and Bbier will put your information to " where to buy" column. so that you could show the information to the customer say that you are the Bbier sales team.  then Bbier will protect your business in location.

 2.  Bbier lighting (you could cheack bbier about us) have 10engineers team to help bbier develop new product every year.  you could check this video the Bbier engineer develop department from youtube. and 3 engineer work in Bbier company. the outresources engineer have 7 engineers.  so that's why bbier have so many product and come out very soon.  if you to be bbier sales rep. then you could share and selling newest product when bbier lighting finish develop new product. for more details you could going to bbier join in us (link) check with policy. then contact with our sales team.

3. Bbier will pay for 15% even more commission.and even if you want to get more we could discussion. 20% or 25%or %30%? not a problem. please sit down or email us( and talk . also we will get you rebate from 3% to 5% if you selling more product.

here i d like to show the all Bbier lighting company details and you will know what advantage we have.

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