The application and research of visible light full-spectrum LED in the lighting field has become a hot spot, and health lighting has also received more and more consumers’ attention and cognition. This paper focuses on the quality of light color, human physiological rhythm response and light biosecurity of health lighting.In the lighting industry cluster and the place where the full-spectrum group standard is issued, through the enterprise visit, sample collection and application investigation, the data comparison and analysis and evaluation conclusions are made, and the positive prospect of full-spectrum LED in healthy lighting is prospected.Human lighting has gone through a long and complex evolution process, from the initial torch, oil lamp, artificial light source incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp, to the popularization of high-efficiency energy-saving semiconductor solid-state LED light source, lighting has a colorful “electric lighting era”, really can be achieved in a completely controllable way.The development history of lighting technology is a microcosm of the history of human civilization. As one of the main driving forces of human circadian rhythm system, light, whether natural sunlight or artificial light source, will trigger a series of physiological rhythm reactions. Light affects human health to varying degrees through visual and non-visual effects.The emergence of artificial light changes the natural light circadian rhythm, and uncomfortable light will cause visual fatigue, insomnia, radiation hazards and biological rhythm disorders, which potentially affect human health.While paying attention to the objective visual effects of light, such as physical parameters such as illumination, brightness and relevant color temperature, we should also consider people’s perception of light, and study the effects of light on people’s health, mood, comfort and physiological changes, i.e. non-visual biological effects and light radiation.Therefore, advocating “healthy lighting” to improve lighting quality and comfort has very important practical significance.