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Overview Of Lighting And Health Light


Sunlight is the source of all things, is one of the necessary conditions for human survival, after thousands of years of evolution, the solar spectrum has become a necessary spectrum for human health, the spectrum of ultraviolet, visible and infrared and other synthetic spectrum, has left a deep genetic imprint in the course of human evolution.So-called healthy illume, it is through illume to improve and improve the condition that people works, study and life and quality, promote psychology and physiology health and build comfortable atmosphere.Relevant research shows that ultraviolet light has the function of eliminating mites and other microorganisms or

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LED technical specification


Health lighting is a complex system engineering, the country and the industry has not issued the standard of health lighting, health lighting is still in the stage of progress and exploration, the current lighting market full spectrum products are more gimmicks for the promotion of merchants, their uneven quality leads to market chaos.The industry urgently needs to have the authority, the consensus and the standardization healthy lighting standard to guide the healthy development of the lighting industry.As a gathering place of LED industry and an important area for the innovation and development of LED technology, the full-spectrum lighting technology has

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More professional understanding of LED lights


Wavelength: the color intensity of light changes, is can be described by data, this kind of data is called wavelength.The wavelengths of light we can see range from 380 to 780nm.Unit: nanometer (nm) Luminance: luminance refers to the degree of brightness of an object, defined as the luminous intensity per unit area.Unit: nit Light intensity: the brightness of a light source.That is, the physical quantity indicating the intensity of visible light radiation emitted by the light source in a certain direction and range.Unit: candlelight (CD) Flux: the sum of the amount of visible light emitted by a light source per

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The advantages of BBIERLED lighting


we still insist on the development of new products, with various models. For different application scenarios, we provide various models for different test objects, covering thousands of models at present.The structure design is flexible. In the machine vision system, when the light source with different structure or shape is used for the unified detection object, the image effect obtained varies greatly.Multicolor selection. For the tested object with different optical properties and surface texture, the light source with different colors will not be used to collect the image, but the ultimate goal is to strengthen the feature and weaken the background.The

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How did BBIERLED family respond to the outbreak


In the face of this new outbreak of pneumonia like a war, BBIERLED family, as always, in line with the business principle that the customer is god and the food and clothing parents, we are facing the outbreak in an orderly way to resume production, this is our business principle, can not let the customer wait for us.In the face of this epidemic, all the family members of our company also actively donated money to our brothers and sisters in wuhan , which reflects our company's business philosophy of making due contributions to the society.A company with feelings to produce things

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Hot selling!!!30 Watt to 150 Watt Led Post Top Area Light


As one leading led post top light, Bbier lighting always focus customers and users actual need. In the past two years,our led post top light fixtures are really hot sale, they are received by our users as the most competitive led post lights in the current market because of their powerful function and affordable price, and what's more! Technical support is always available and professional. 1.Precision cooling Aluminum Housing is good for heat dissipation. 2.We have adopted High Luminous 130lm/w to produce,also 150lm/w is provide. 3.Full certification of ETL DLC FCC SAA CE ROHS and ISO 9001 to all of

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LED shoebox Lights are the perfect lighting solution for outdoor appliaction


Bbier LED shoebox Lights are designed to replace 150W - 1000W HID , metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium light boxes in parking lots and other public outdoor areas. All watts of our LED shoebox fixtures got DLC premium and are eligible for rebate utility With a slim and low profile appearance,Bbier LED Shoebox Lights are made with bronze color finish.It is without doubt that they can be customized in other colors as other led fixtures.They are waterproof IP65 ,made from aluminum heat sinks,3030SMD and UL list driver.All material we use are high quality and we bear 5 years

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Customer feedback on Led Pole top Area light Fixture usage


Led Pole top Area  light Fixture, DLC ETL qualified, 5 yeas warranty. The area series has the high-performance solution for the most demanding applications within a unique design. With different precision refractive optical lens and an easy-install desigk, it can be useed in many applications such as pedestrian street, factory, shools, garden, courtyard,hotel, parking lot, public parks etc. Below as share some client feedback words: By using our 30W and 50W Area Light to replace 100w-200w Metal Halide bulb for campus lighting fixtures, the customer is now able to save a lot per month from his electric bill. At the

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Ufo High Bay Light With Advanced Aluminum Heat Sink Which


UFO high bay light with Advanced aluminum heat sink which provides excellent thermal transfer to extend component life. Built rugged for outdoor and waterproof. UFO light fixture is built with the highest quality 120- 277VAC Universal Drivers or Optional 347- 480VAC Drivers and Water Resistant LED Chips. Hyperlite led highbay light comes standard with hook for suspension mount. It’s Optional fixed bracket mount available. Bbier UFO high bay light with ETL wet listed and DLC Premium on QPL. 5-year warranty and IP65 rated. UFO LED High Bay lights are the impressive evolution of the warehouse light or high ceiling light. Small and compact, these little

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High brightness LED market


In addition to lighting itself, the overall high-brightness LED(>10mcd) market, which is composed of backlight, LED display and other categories, is also a "potential stock" with obvious growth trend.According to the analysis, the rapid expansion of the global LED application market has given the high-brightness LED industry sufficient development momentum.It is estimated that the market size of China's high-brightness LED will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2020.

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