It is not uncommon to see the use of light guiding lighting system in basements, garages, stadiums, offices and other places.Try to introduce it to canteens and restaurants and try it too.Before this, wuhan general motors base canteen used bbierled led led lighting system.During the day, the restaurant collects natural light directly and introduces internal lighting.From dawn to dusk, cloudy days, rainy days, haze days and other severe weather, the system can still bring enough light without consuming energy, lighting and lighting on average 10-12 hours a day.In the evening, the LED lamps installed in the system all use municipal electric lighting to avoid repeated addition of electric lighting devices.

Food is people’s life, canteen, restaurant environmental health and safety is more important.The light source of the light guiding lighting system adopts natural light, which can improve the space environment and make the restaurant environment cleaner and brighter.The system filters more than 99 percent of ultraviolet and infrared rays,

so it’s a pleasant experience for people to taste food in the restaurant, surrounded by healthy natural light.