Why Choose Us?


Why Choose Us? 1/ Our Certifications as below: Item Certification Name Showcase Link 1 Bbier ETL Listed Certification 4010207 /Bbier-ETL-Listed-Certification-4010207-896.html 2 Bbier FCC CST FV140219022 Certificate /Bbier-FCC-CST-FV140219022-Certificate-895.html 3 Bbier CE Certificate CSTS140219038 http://www.bbier.com/Bbier-CE-Certificate-CSTS140219038-894.html 4 Bbier CE Certificate CSTE140219096 /Bbier-CE-Certificate-CSTE140219096-893.html 5 Bbier ROHS CSTR140710637 Cetification /Bbier-ROHS-CSTR140710637-Cetification-892.html 6 ISO9001:2008 Certificate Registration Of Bbier Lighting /ISO9001-2008-Certificate-Registration-Of-Bbier-Lighting-782.html 7 CE-LVD of of LED flood lights /CE-LVD-of-of-LED-flood-lights-194.html 8 RoHs of LED flood lights /RoHs-of-LED-flood-lights-192.html 9 CE-LVD of LED tube light /CE-LVD-of-LED-tube-light-191.html 10 60w LED Lowbay Canopy  Approved /60w-LED-Lowbay-Canopy-approved-791.html 2/ Our Products had successful saled to more than 56 countries all over the world: Item Continent/Area