Sunlight is the source of all things, is one of the necessary conditions for human survival, after thousands of years of evolution, the solar spectrum has become a necessary spectrum for human health, the spectrum of ultraviolet, visible and infrared and other synthetic spectrum, has left a deep genetic imprint in the course of human evolution.So-called healthy illume, it is through illume to improve and improve the condition that people works, study and life and quality, promote psychology and physiology health and build comfortable atmosphere.Relevant research shows that ultraviolet light has the function of eliminating mites and other microorganisms or pathogens and promoting vitamin D synthesis, and has the function of preventing and treating rickets and chondrosis, as well as preventing osteoporosis in the elderly, anti-inflammatory pain, promoting local blood circulation and regulating human immunity.Infrared light has good therapeutic effect on human tissue metabolism, blood circulation and immune function enhancement, and has obvious therapeutic effect on muscle spasm, muscle strain, soft tissue injury and swelling reduction of body tissue.How to use the beneficial light in the spectrum to serve human beings has become an important research topic for technicians in the fields of medicine and optics Healthy lighting is mainly applied to artificial light spectrum of lighting should be as close as possible to the sun visible spectrum, satisfy the requirement of places functional lighting scene lighting in people’s psychological requirements should also be considered at the same time, whether a lighting scene for healthy lighting, lighting in addition to color rendering index, correlated color temperature, illumination, brightness and stroboscopic, and other indicators meet the corresponding requirements, a very important decision basis should be its spectrum and sunlight the inosculation of the spectrum, because even if the spectrum of the product is obviously deviates from the sunlight spectrum, color rendering index, correlated color temperature, intensity of illumination, brightness and stroboscopic technical indicators can meet the corresponding requirements,But products that deviate significantly from the spectrum of sunlight are not really healthy lighting.With the development of LED packaging technology for lighting, the LED technology of Full Spectrum, which is similar to the solar Spectrum, has been popularized and applied in lighting engineering.