we still insist on the development of new products, with various models. For different application scenarios, we provide various models for different test objects, covering thousands of models at present.The structure design is flexible. In the machine vision system, when the light source with different structure or shape is used for the unified detection object, the image effect obtained varies greatly.Multicolor selection. For the tested object with different optical properties and surface texture, the light source with different colors will not be used to collect the image, but the ultimate goal is to strengthen the feature and weaken the background.The response time of a single LED lamp bead is in the nanosecond level. Considering the capacitance and sensibility of the LED light source, its response speed is within 10 subtleties on average.Long life, any machine machine vision system needs a long and stable image acquisition conditions, light source brightness decay too fast or life is too short are the key factors restricting the overall quality of the visual system.