Solar panel is one of the core parts of solar camping lamp. The quality of solar panel determines the conversion rate. How to choose efficient solar panel is the primary concern of customers, and the size of solar panel should also be paid attention to. Now we introduce a best solar camping lamp to you.

Solar camping lamps are portable lamps that provide lighting at a camp, scare off wild animals, indicate the location of the camp, etc.Camping lamps should be purchased with: light weight, easy to carry.Super energy saving, long life, effective light source solution, no burning, soft light source without stroboscopic effective protection of the eyes.

Product advantages of solar camping lamp

Waterproof design, all-weather use;Night working lighting, night fishing lighting;

Camping and field lighting; Car maintenance, garage spare, etc.Design as far as possible to choose and buy beautiful novel products, in the home is also a very good decoration.

There are many kinds of camping lamps. Now we basically use cold-light energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs. The earliest ones are dry battery type, but the disadvantage is that we need to carry more batteries and have a large weight.Now generally used are charge-type camping lamps, car charging, power charging, solar panel charging, etc., can be charged anytime and anywhere, convenient energy saving and environmental protection, and do not have to worry about the power problem, widely loved.

The best solar camping lamp’s Weight only is 3.2 ounces, the smash light is not only the lightest solar camping lamp we tested, but also one of our overall favorites.This solar camping lamp has many advantages. For us, its biggest selling point, in addition to light weight and small size, is light weight.Its warm yellow-orange blends completely with the campfire, and it won’t make people feel disharmonious or uncoordinated like the bright white LED lights.This is the light we most often encounter when cooking or wandering in the tent, purely because of this warm,comfortable light.Candlelight mode is a very creative design, which can make the light flash and dim randomly to imitate candles. However, this is not convincing.

After playing with the settings for a few minutes, we found that we had no reason to use it. Nevertheless, it does not reduce the other awesome properties of light, so we are indifferent to it.Although in our tests, the overall running time of the solar campiing lamp is shorter than most other lamps, it still retains a large power reserve after it is turned off.Once the other lights are turned off, they are completely exhausted, drained, and cannot be turned on until they are recharged. Once the lmap is closed at high power, we can reopen it, and usually get an hour or more under low power.In particular, the roller light does not have a battery indicator to tell you when the battery is low, so it’s nice to know that it won’t turn off suddenly, leaving you completely in the dark.Considering that it is the smallest piece of all lamps we tested, its solar panels work very well. The impact light is quickly charged under direct sunlight.

In this solar camping lamp , there are only a few negatives. First of all, it may be difficult to really crush, and it takes some coaxing to fold all the wrinkles. Secondly, it does not have any type of battery indicator, allowing you to guess its charging status. There is an indicator light next to its USB port, which turns red when it is charging (charging via USB or sunlight), and turns green when it is fully charged.

Finally, this is the only solar camping lamp without a bottom or lid. If you happen to hang it in a tent directly above you, the LEDs may be a little bound when you look up. We recommend this light only to create an atmosphere, because it has such a comfortable, natural quality light. Combining the fact that the lightest and most compact light we tested, performed well in the test, we think this is a top choice not only for backpackers, but for anyone looking for a simple  portable solar lamp to bring light to you in the wild at night.

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