Brief introduction of UFO LED high bay light

UFO LED high bay light is also called led industrial and mining lamp. Industrial and mining lamp is an important part of modern industrial lighting. Traditional industrial and mining lamp station lamp usually uses 250W, 400W, 500W, 1000W metal halide lamp. The metal halide lamp emits 360 degree light, which causes a huge waste of […]


Healthy Lighting Is A Complex System Engineering

Health lighting is a complex system engineering, the country and the industry has not issued the standard of health lighting, health lighting is still in the stage of progress and exploration, the current lighting market full spectrum products are more gimmicks for the promotion of merchants


More professional understanding of LED lights

Wavelength: The color intensity change of light can be described by data. This data is called wavelength. The wavelength range of the light we can see is 380 to 780 nm, in nanometers (nm);Brightness: Brightness refers to the brightness of an object, defined as the luminous intensity per unit area, unit nit;Light intensity: the brightness of the light source, that is, the physical quantity that represents the visible light radiation intensity emitted by the light source in a specific direction, unit candlelight (CD);


Hot selling!!!30 Watt to 150 Watt Led Post Top Area Light

As a leading LED column head lamp, Bbier lighting has always focused on the actual needs of customers and users; in the past two years, our LED column head lamp devices are indeed very popular, they have been accepted by our users and become the market The most competitive led column head lamp, due to its powerful function and affordable price, the current market, there are more! Technical support is always available and professional.


LED shoebox Lights are the perfect lighting solution for outdoor appliaction

Bbier LED shoe box lights are designed to replace 150W-1000W HID, metal halide lights and high pressure sodium light boxes in parking lots and other public outdoor areas. All of our LED shoebox lamps have a DLC premium for their wattage and are eligible for rebate utility. The Bbier LED shoebox lamps have a slim and low-key appearance and are made of bronze. There is no doubt that they can be customized in other colors like other LED lamps. Their waterproof rating is IP65 and they are made of aluminum radiator, 3030SMD and UL. List driver. All the materials we use are of high quality, and we have a 5-year warranty for these devices;


Customer feedback on Led Pole top Area light Fixture usage

LED pole top area lamps, certified by DLC ETL, 5 years warranty.The regional series adopts a unique design and can provide high-performance solutions for the most demanding applications. With different precision refractive optical lenses and easy-to-install design, it can be used in many applications, such as pedestrian streets, factories, schools, gardens, courtyards, hotels, parking lots, parks, etc.


Notes On The Use Of LED Corn Lamps

Take the LED corn lamp as an example. Compared with the ordinary LED corn lamp point light source, integrated light source, the appearance, heat dissipation structure, light curve and actual photosynthetic efficiency of the same power LED multi-point light source and integrated light source are different, the application places are also different, and the design The user can choose different led lamps according to different applications and design styles.


Best UFO high bay led for Your Warehouse and Workshop

UFO high bay LED is a cost-effective solution that can replace MH, HID or HPS bulbs. Upgrading MH, HID or HPS bulbs to our ufo led high bay lights can save a lot of electricity bills and improve visibility. Our ufo led high bay light is composed of cast aluminum heat sink with excellent heat dissipation, high quality Lumileds LED and UL certified power supply, which can ensure high performance of more than 50,000 hours.


Solar street lamp posts are also called solar street lights

Solar street lamp posts are also called solar street lights, solar outdoor street lights, pillar-top LED lamps, solar light standards or solar light standards. It is fixed on a high pole. It clarifies the way to help people pass so that they can clearly see their way.The outdoor solar pole-top lamp is a lighting system composed of batteries, charge controllers, inverters, LED lights and solar panels. The LED solar rear dome light is portable and wireless, making it easier to install and maintain. It has no electricity and maintenance fees. It is used to illuminate streets in remote areas without a grid. This is an environmentally friendly, green and carbon-free outdoor lighting method.


Led Shoebox Street Lamp

Led shoebox street light Use high bright SMD 3030 led chips, the luminous efficiency of whole lamp up to 150lm/W, Energy saving and long LED life make lighting solutions brighter, smarter and more sustainable. Bbier can built the shoebox light from 50w to 450w, with Die-cast and powder coated aluminium housing for better anti-corrosion.


Solar panel lighting and environment

You may use solar panels for lighting and worry about whether it will pollute the environment. You can tell you today clearly, don’t worry, there are related companies that develop solar panels that can be recycled, so when you can use BBIER’s lamps No guilt, environmental protection and corporate development can be coordinated; the separation technology of protective glass was developed by Micron Metal. The used panel is placed in a spraying device for spraying abrasives, and then the abrasives are sprayed at high pressure On the surface of the protective glass. Each panel only takes about 8 minutes to completely separate the EVA from the glass, and there is no problem with the panel bending caused by disasters. EVA will not be harmed at all, and the glass will be peeled off; the feature of this technology is that a variety of abrasives can be used, depending on the choice of abrasives, they can be used together as cement materials without the need to separate glass and abrasives. EVA is sandwiched between the battery cell (power generating element) and the battery. Electrodes, which contain large amounts of silver, which can be sold to recyclers through refining techniques.


About Solar Pole Light

There is an automatic PIR sensor on the top of the solar light pole, which can immediately activate the LED in the absence of light to provide a brightness of 150 lumens. In addition, LED roof lights also have crystalline solar panel technology, which has a higher conversion rate than other technologies. Regarding the construction of the solar column, it is based on durable and rust-proof cast aluminum, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.


BBIER Smart Lighting Project

Smart lighting projects are smart typical applications with high practical value and market prospects, and smart lighting projects have a series of application requirements and target functions, simplify project deployment, unified system management, convenient lighting control, fine adjustment, and green energy saving Environmental lighting, data statistics report, time, task management, sensors, linkage control, automatic operation, digital operation, intelligent operation, commercial value-added services; regardless of whether the intelligent lighting project can be successfully implemented, technical solutions are the foundation and play a decisive role Role, taking into account factors such as project deployment requirements and current technology development trends, wireless communication is almost a technically inevitable choice;


150W UFO LED High Bay Light Features

Industry-Leading Warranty – 5 year warranty,can replace your existing 400 watts metal halide fixtures in your warehouse, factory, gym or any large open area;150w UFO Perfect replacement for 400W Metal Halide UFO high bay lights at a 20-30 ft mounting height. LED UFO bay fixtures is wash down ready – IP65, so they can be used inside or outside in areas where you need to be able to wash down the room;


Why Are Our Lamps Rich In Categories

The improvement of the company’s product quality, the requirements of customers increasingly need to be perfect, Shenzhen bbierled lighting in line with the customer is the god of the starting point, and began to recruit a number of highly educated, professional knowledge to the company blood transfusion.


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BBIER Lighting Manufacturer, UFO LED LIGHTS,LIGHT CORN LIGHT, LED POST TOP LIGHT, LED SHOEBOX Will Meet You on Thailand Lighting Fair 2019.As a leading led lighting manufacturer, Bbier lighting always positively takes part in professional exhibitions to make more chances to meet our users and customers face to face.