Why is running man exit sign green?

Generally, you can see the exit signs in shopping malls, hotels, schools and buildings. In United States exit signs can be red or green. This is due to states or cities enacting building codes which specify the sign color. Why are exit signs typically red or green? Red, green and yellow(or orange) are used as traffic lights in all the […]

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What’s Kind of LED Grow Lights for Markets?

The global LED Grow lights market is divide into four major categories, mainly fluorescent grow lamp, HPS Grow light, halogen grow lamp and LED grow lights. What’s is Fluorescent grow lamp? By 2020, the global fluorescent grow lamp market was expected to reach 1 billion US dollars, and such products are very popular with home gardeners. […]

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How long do led neon light signs last?

Led neon light signs are developed from neon signs but more and more popular than neon signs. Neon works are either in the form of signboards, giving people an exquisite and beautiful feeling, or in large-scale and large-scale shapes to form a shocking large scene; changing patterns, flashing lights, and bright neon make the night […]

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What’s the difference between led work lights and Energy-saving lamps?

Now energy-saving lamps are popular in our homes, which are common energy-saving lamps, but with the improvement of science and technology, more and more homes are using LED work lights, so what’s the difference between led work lights and energy-saving lamps?

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Why should we choose the LED makeup mirror light?

The smart LED makeup mirror can automatically simulate the light and give you a satisfactory makeup,Make-up, shopping, and selfies are things that most women usually do in their leisure time, but the problem is that no matter how good they make up at home, when they go out for selfies, they find that the light is not the same as their own makeup, This is because of the different environments, Caused by different levels of light.

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What are the advantages of led rechargeable work light?

Sometimes in the outdoor work, we need to choose to use the LED rechargeable work light. As for such lamps that when to buy, need to ensure the quality, how it can better for work? What brand is good? This is a lot of people want to pay attention to problem. At the same time a lot of people want to know, What are the advantages of rechargeable work light?

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What are the advantage of creative wall lights?

Many home decorations have dispensable feelings about wall lamps. In fact, creative wall lights play a great decorative effect in home decoration. Creative wall lights can give your home a unique brilliance.

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How to Maintain Solar Powered Led Street Lights in Cold Weather?

In the 21st century, social economy and technology continue to develop, but at the same time we are also facing severe resource shortages. Therefore, scientists have devoted themselves to the development of new energy sources.

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What Are the Benefits of All In One Led Solar Street Light to New Rural Construction?

Rural areas are often the focus of debate over development projects, particularly electrification. Some rural areas have just cut off the power grid, making it very difficult to provide electricity. Moreover, it is almost impossible to provide street lighting under such circumstances. This can be achieved through the construction of all in one led solar street light that can provide off-grid lighting suitable for rural or remote areas.

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What are the advantages of Tall Lighted Makeup Mirror compared to ordinary mirror?

Whether it is work or life, modern people basically wear makeup before going out. Makeup is not only for our external image, it enhances our self-confidence, it is also a kind of respect for others. LED makeup mirror, with white filling effect, can more clearly see the appearance of makeup part under natural light. Achieve […]

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Are led flexible tube lights better than traditional neon lights?

when global energy issues are getting more and more attention, LED neon tube lights are gradually replacing traditional neon lights to become the mainstream.

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What’s the advantages of best solar floodlight

With the continuous development of the economy and society, various basic energy sources are becoming increasingly scarce, and various environmental pollution are everywhere. Therefore, as a representative of the use of new energy sources, best solar floodlights are environmentally friendly and energy-saving as well as reliable and safe. At the same time, with the continuous […]

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What is a high-quality led neon tube?

Under the conditions of market competition, a small number of manufacturers lack integrity. When some customers do not understand the performance and quality of led neon tube, inferior products produced and manufactured are dumped at low prices in the market, which affects the reputation of led neon tube. In order to familiarize customers with led […]

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What is the Integrated Solar Led Street Light Market Outlook?

Today, integrated solar led street light have become the main source of outdoor lighting. Increasing demand for continuous electricity and lighting in urban and rural areas has made it an alternative to traditional street lamps. As a result, the future of the integrated solar led street light market has greatly expanded.

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How to distinguish led light up sign, luminous characters, and neon lights?

As night falls, when walking on the streets and shopping malls, you can see signs with luminous characters everywhere. Among the various luminous characters, led light up sign gradually attract people’s attention. Looking around, there are colorful and diverse led light up sign, which are gradually replacing the once smashing neon lights.

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