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What are the advantages of LED plant lamps in planting and cultivation?

LED plant growth lamp, is a kind of plant, it is different from the traditional plant lamp. LED plant lamp uses LED (light-emitting diode) as the light source, which has a rich spectrum and can completely simulate the effect of sunlight on plants. Moreover, LED as a cold light source does not need to worry […]


How to choose best Canopy Light for Gas Station place Step by Step?

Everyone’s been on a car trip with family and friends. While you are on the trip, you will need to stop for gas once in a while. Where would you rather stop? 1. An underlit dark and shady looking gas station. 2. A well-lit and bright gas station which seems welcoming for a snack stop. […]

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What are the five types of LED Explosion-Proof lights?

Lighting lamps are indispensable electrical appliances in our life and work, and the same is true for explosion-proof electrical appliances. The reason why explosion-proof electrical appliances can be built is inseparable from the word safety, and it can be applied to all walks of life and production and processing. Therefore, this type is relatively complicated. […]

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10 kinds of indoor lighting fixtures introduced

About 10 indoor lighting fixtures: Have you ever realized that indoor lighting fixtures can add charm and personality to your home environment? They not only serve the practical function of providing light but also act as focal points and decorative elements in a room. We will introduce ten common types of indoor lighting fixtures to […]

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Advises for Choosing The Best LED Stadium Light

Stadium Lights are an area of strength with special lights set at various levels. They will often use small pillar points reaching somewhere in the ten to sixty degree range. The more moderate the bar, the more severe the light. Stadium lights can be installed at different heights according to the space. The pivot point […]

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What is the best post top light for swimming pool?

What are pool LED post top lights? There has been a high demand for LED pool post top lighting over the past several years as it offers many benefits for pool owners. You might be wondering what the term “LED” even stands for. LED means “light emitting diode” which simply signifies that these types of […]

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Why Solar Street Lights is A Sustainable Solution for a Brighter Future?

now lots of UFO LED high bay lights in Market, can you tell me which model is the Best UFO LED high bay lights, and can you tell me how to choose high quality best UFO LED high bay lights?

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What’s the LED dock Light?

Our Bbier Manufacturing company LED Dock Light with Swing Arm for Warehouse Trailers Docks We produce a new model LED dock light for illuminating a truck or trailer to improve efficiency with loading and unloading. LED loading dock lights give you better, brighter, clearer light and delivers it right where you need it…the back of […]

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How does the led plant Growth light spectrum affect growing cannabis plants?

What is a spectrum? Although natural light may look white to us, it is actually made up of many different colors. When we pass light through a prism, or see a rainbow, we can see the true face of sunlight. When light is refracted into its parts, we can see all the colors that make […]

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What is 0-10v dimming vs line voltage dimming?

What is 0-10v dimming vs line voltage dimming? 0-10V dimming is a type of dimming system that uses a low-voltage signal to control the brightness of a light. This low-voltage signal is typically sent from a dimming controller or a dimming switch to a compatible LED driver or ballast, which then adjusts the current flowing […]

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Everyone Wants One (or 10) of These LED Area Lights, and for Good Reason

Read “Everyone Wants One (or 10) of These LED Area Lights, and for Good Reason” to learn more about Bbier Led Street Lights, also can view our homepage at bbier.com

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What is UFO LED High Bay light?

UFO LED High Bay light is a type of industrial lighting fixture that is designed to provide high-intensity illumination in large spaces such as warehouses, factories, and gymnasiums.

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BBIER won the first place in horticultural lighting

Congratulations to Bibil Lighting for winning the first place in the field of plant/agricultural lighting in the “Top 100 Popular Exhibitors List” campaign!

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What are LED high bay lights used for?

LED high bay lights are a versatile and practical lighting solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

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How to install Vegetable Grow Lights in the indoor places?

How to install Vegetable Grow Lights in the indoor places? It is relatively simple to install the Vegetable Grow lights in the greenhouse. It is relatively difficult to install the position and quantity of the vegetable grow lights. The grow lights fixture is mainly based on the vegetable grow lights used by different plants, and […]

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