Scientists have known for a long time that bright Led Office Lighting Panels can change the brain’s internal clock, and the brain’s internal clock can control people’s sleep. A recent study showed that ordinary indoor light can also affect the body clock.

Long-term use of indoor lighting has virtually disrupted the biological clock set by the ancestors for people, thus changing the inherent physiological pattern of the human body. This will not only advance the age of human maturity, but also make people’s circadian rhythm disorder, and then cause palpitations, chest tightness, and listlessness. Another researcher believes that the strong light waves emitted by indoor lighting can cause genetic degeneration of a large number of cells in the human body, increasing abnormal cells and the death of normal cells.

Working under the light for a long time will not only cause eye fatigue, but also reduce the body’s ability to absorb calcium. Because light and sunlight are very different in nature and intensity. Natural light contains many colors and wavelengths, while indoor lighting only has three colors of yellow, orange, and red, and lacks the beneficial ultraviolet rays in sunlight, so the absorption of calcium is greatly reduced. In addition, the light emitted by the fluorescent lamp contains blue and invisible ultraviolet rays. After this ultraviolet rays are excessively absorbed by the human body, it is very likely to cause human skin to become cancerous.

For this reason, experts suggest that it is best to use natural light during the day and open windows frequently to allow sunlight to enter the room; people who work at the office desk all day should pay attention to taking time to outdoor activities to avoid modern lighting diseases.

When indoor lighting equipment must be used, the following five principles should be grasped: Use extensive lighting, for example, when reading a book on a desk, the light should illuminate the entire tabletop; use uniform lighting, which refers to the illuminated area, and each part of the The illuminance must be consistent; maintain stable lighting, and the light source should not be dark or bright or flickering; there is no uniform standard for maintaining adequate lighting, which generally depends on the nature of the work, that is, the finer the work, the more you need The higher the illuminance; the last point, be careful not to let the light hit the eyes directly.

Pay attention to when choosing Led Office Lighting Panels

  1. When it is difficult to determine the working position, two-way batwing light distribution lamps with large light-emitting area and low brightness can be selected;
  2. The ideal working environment should prevent light reflection;
  3. Working hours are almost all day, so artificial lighting should be combined with natural lighting to form a comfortable lighting environment;
  4. The lighting design of the office should consider the illuminance of the desk, the illuminance of the reception space and other electrical equipment;
  5. In the work room with computer terminal equipment, it is necessary to prevent the image of people or objects (such as lamps, furniture, windows, etc.) from being displayed on the screen;
  6. The general lighting of the office should be designed on both sides of the working area. When fluorescent lamps are used, the longitudinal axis of the lamps should be parallel to the horizontal field of view;
  7. Fluorescent lamps should be used for office lighting, and the frosted lampshade has a better light effect;
  8. The lighting of the conference room should consider the lighting above the conference table, which is mainly to illuminate, so that people can feel the center and gathering; the illuminance should be close, and auxiliary lighting should be added around it.