When night falls, among the various lights that light up the world, neon lights often attract people’s attention because of their brilliant and flaunting light, and they have become the best choice to decorate the dark world.

But today, when global energy issues are getting more and more attention, led flexible tube lights are gradually replacing traditional neon lights to become the mainstream.

Are led flexible tube lights better than traditional neon lights?

1. Traditional neon lights have a large investment and a complicated process. There are many inconveniences when using off-duty tubes, high-voltage electricity and inert gases. The led flexible tube lights adopt a brand-new structure and LED technology. The bright LED bulb is covered by a special PVC shell. The use of unique optical technology and a special shell design not only increase the intensity and uniformity of the light, but also the delivery process. Improve production efficiency.

2. The led flexible tube lights are longer and more durable. On the basis of LED technology, the life of neon lights can reach an ultra-long life of 100,000 hours. Compared with glass neon lights, there is no doubt about its durability, because there is no need to consider the problem of broken glass neon lights.

3. LED flexible tube lights are more energy-saving. The flexible full-body lamp belt can save more than 70% of energy consumption and electricity usage cost. The glass neon light is 26.25W/M, while the LED flexible neon light strip has a minimum power of 2.8W.

4. LED flexible tube lights are safer. LED flexible tube lights can be used in a variety of voltages: 220V, 110V, 12V, 24V, 36V, low-voltage products can be installed in lower places, plus its shockproof, low heat dissipation, and its use is extremely safe.

In order to improve people’s quality of life and meet the needs of the times, Bbier produced varies of LED flexible tube lights, with SMD 2835/3528/5050RGB and so on for your choices. Bbier’s LED flexible tube lights have been applied certifications of CE and ROHS.

Bbier are integrated factory. We have our own factory and international trade groups. Bbier mainly produce led flexible tube lights, including daily life indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. IP65 and IP68 Waterproof for all conditions. All backed by a 5 year warranty. Safety and quality guaranteed.

OEM/ODM is at your service.

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