Racecourse is the general term for racecourses and training venues. Horse racing is a long-standing sport. Broadly speaking, it is an event where humans use equines to compete. Horse racing has always been regarded as the king of sports, and there is a saying: “Without a stage, there is no performance.” The stage of the racecourse is naturally a racetrack for horse competition and training. Horse arena lights are lights used in racecourses.

Due to the different lawn lighting requirements, it is not easy to illuminate the design of indoor and outdoor racecourses.

What are the lighting requirements of the racecourses?

The racecourse is different from other racetracks. It must be strong but not too strong to ensure that it has a certain degree of flexibility. The construction of the racecourse has certain specifications. The principles that should also be considered in the design of the racecourse: 1. Ensure practicality 2. Protect the environment 3. Clear functional divisions and rational layout of traffic. The racetrack was originally a place where production was carried out for the purpose of selecting fast horses. Therefore, in essence, the racetrack is a place where the quality of the race horses is judged and eliminated. But today, horse racing has become a goal. Watching horse racing and engaging in a variety of entertainment competitions, especially “horse betting” has become the main content of horse racing.

The racecourse needs to install arena lights suitable for the horse’s forward route, because once the lights dangle to the horse’s eyes, it will cause the horse’s temperament to change, which will increase the risk of people on the horse’s back, so special requirements for the lighting angle are required.

Take a racetrack runway as an example. There is a steel structure roof. The runway is 15 meters wide, about 7 to 9 meters high, and the landmark is about 1 meter high. Now consider lighting. Our floodlights have an extremely high lighting efficiency of 140 lm/W, which is 200 to 300% higher than the efficiency of traditional metal halide or halogen lamps. The main considerations are as follows:

  • The illuminance of arena lights needs to be sufficient.
  • Due to the high ceiling height, up to 10 meters, high-bay LED lights for high masts are needed. They have the functions of anti-glare, shockproof, and waterproof, and are suitable for long-distance lighting.
  • No shadow, this is the most important thing. You can’t see the shadow below, because the horse will think it is an obstacle when it sees the shadow. What we designed is that the runway is 15 meters wide, with 5 lights placed every 3 meters, and then a row of lights is placed every 4.5 meters on the runway (length). Make up a 3X4.5 lamp combination.

For the factors considered above, vertical ground lighting + cylindrical lighting can be used. Vertical floor lighting can use low- and medium-power high-bay or low-bay LED lights with anti-glare effect. The cylindrical lighting consists of two parts. Downward lighting ensures that the column has guided lighting, and upward lighting ensures that the structure is illuminated to a certain extent, and improves the brightness of the steel structure space, thereby avoiding the glare effect caused by bright lamps and dark backgrounds.

In addition to meeting the needs of the competition, LED Equestrian Lighting also needs to meet the video camera function.

What are the benefits of using LED floodlights for racecourses?

After building an indoor racecourse, we need suitable lighting equipment to illuminate a large area of ​​the racecourse. In addition, the refurbishment of the racecourse also requires replacement of new arena lights.

1、Brighter LED arena lights are safer and more profitable

Replacing traditional metal halide, mercury and high-pressure sodium lamps with LED arena lights has many advantages. Bright enough lighting can ensure the safety of all engine facilities on the racecourse. LED floodlights can not only make animals relaxed and happy, but also increase the rider’s riding time, thereby gaining more income.

2、LED horse arena lights are more energy efficient and save electricity bills

After replacing mercury lamps, metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps or other high-intensity discharge lamps, LED arena lights can save at least 75% of energy, which means that we can reduce the electricity cost of lighting.

3、Arena lights without flicker can ensure that the event is well filmed

Horse racing is an exciting sport, and stroboscopic lights will greatly affect people watching the horse racing. Especially when the horse rushes to the finish line, the high-speed camera will capture this moment, so if the lights flicker, this critical moment cannot be captured.

Our arena lights have a flicker-free optical lens that can support slow motion cameras from 6000hz (normal) to 10000 Hz (advanced).

4、Non-glare arena lights are durable

We always focus on providing durable horse arena lights. We hope that the sharp appearance of arena lights will not bother animals. If there are any quality problems, we provide a 5-year warranty.

The largest racecourse within the world: Meydan Racecourse in Dubai, UAE

Meydan Racecourse in Dubai, UAE is the largest racecourse in the world. It is 4 kilometers from the Dubai Canal, 1.6 kilometers in length, and can accommodate 60,000 spectators. Its huge size makes it the world’s “most spectacular racecourse” and is proud of the horse racing industry. The Maidan Racecourse cost 3 billion U.S. dollars and was completed in 3 years. It was opened to the public on March 27, 2010. Due to the ban on gambling in the UAE, the Dubai Horse Racing Festival is different from other horse racing festivals in other countries. The Dubai Horse Racing Festival does not rely on gambling for profit. It is fully sponsored by the UAE royal family. Parking here is free. Their main purpose is to use horse racing to promote Dubai.

Doha Racecourse, Qatar

Doha (Arabic: دوحة) is the largest city in Qatar, the capital of Qatar in West Asia. Doha is known for its oil and natural gas production, which has become the lifeblood of Qatar’s economy. And oil and natural gas have made Doha famous all over the world as well as the horse racing in Doha.

The Doha Racecourse is located in the west of Doha, with arched porches of Arab architecture and pale yellow exterior walls. This is one of the main racecourses in Qatar. Every month, some big family and royal family races are held. There are 1-2 races between countries every year. The King of Qatar will come to the scene and hand out trophies in person.

The night arena lights design of the racecourse not only considers the sufficient lighting required by the night arena itself, but also considers the effect of arena lights integrated with the racecourse. Through the lighting layout of the race track, the overall exterior wall of the racetrack, and the landscape lighting of the plants in the stadium, in conjunction with the buildings in the stadium, the lighting effect of highlighting the racetrack and taking into account the details is achieved.

What are features of Bbier’s arena lights?

  1. The internal and external anti-vibration structure design effectively solves the problem of the bulb falling due to strong vibration, shortening the bulb life, and breaking the bracket.
  2. Using high-efficiency gas discharge lamps because the light stadium lights have a service lifetime of quite 10,000 hours, which is particularly suitable for outdoor large-area unattended lighting.
  3. Light alloy materials and high-tech spraying technology, the shell will never rust and never corrode.
  4. Using new technologies like pipes to make sure the integrity of the shell, reliable sealing, waterproof and dustproof.
  5. It has good electromagnetic compatibility and can not cause electromagnetic interference to the encompassing environment.
  6. Thickened lamp body: thickened aluminum material, strong anti-corrosion ability, anodized frosting process, reduce light loss, and extend life.
  7. Air convection heat dissipation: Integrated thickened aluminum + convection design solves the warmth dissipation problem and guarantees the lifetime of the sunshine source. The overall cooling of the lighting equipment is sweet which may reduce the likelihood of failure. The advantage of Bbier’s stadium lights is that the spotlight has bright colors, good monochrome, soft light, low power, long life, and lighting time up to 50,000 hours.
  8. Screws made from pressure-resistant chrome steel and high-strength hard brackets: enhance the steadiness of the lamp installation and aren’t easy to wreck.
  9. Tempered glass mask: high light transmittance, uniform light color.
  10. Original imported lamp beads: original imported led lamp beads, high lumen, light life —-50000 hours.
  11. Enhanced waterproof performance: standard ip65 waterproof design, waterproof rubber strips are added to the interface to stop water from leaking and cause leakage to guard the lamp body, and extend the life of the lamp body.
  12. More choices of the same kind of lamps: In addition to the main products, there are also independent LED floodlight design teams that can customize LED lamps according to engineering needs.
  13. More choices of an equivalent quite lamps: additionally to the most products, there also are independent LED floodlight design teams which will customize LED lamps consistent with engineering needs.
  14. Flexible supply to satisfy demand: mature supply chain system, full control of production nodes, adjustment of progress consistent with customer delivery requirements, flexible delivery time.
  15. After-sales service guarantee: pre-sales service of choosing lamps on demand, finding suitable lamps and every one products with quality problems, providing warranty replacement services.

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