Solar street lights usually have built-in solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, battery management systems, night and motion sensors, and automatic controllers. General solar street lights have the advantages of weatherproof, waterproof, low worm rate, low glare, and long life. Solar LED street lights have become an economical and environmentally friendly way of road lighting. Solar LED street lights are very popular for their energy saving, durability, beauty, and maintenance-free. These features make solar street lights very suitable for commercial and road lighting applications.

The working principle of solar street lights is that solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy and store them in the built-in battery to illuminate the night. The main feature of modern solar street lights is the battery management system, and the night and motion sensors are installed, making the functions of solar street lights very avant-garde.

In the first 6 hours of the night, the solar street light is in accordance with the standard lumen output, which can fully meet the demand. With the advent of late night, the flow of people decreases, and the light intensity will decrease until dawn or until the PIR sensor is activated by human movement to restore the standard illuminance. When a person is within a certain range from the light, it will automatically turn to full brightness. The intelligent device of solar street light has become a perfect combination of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

As a new and reliable street lighting system, solar street lights are popular all over the world. With the widespread use of solar street lights, some related benefits will be reflected, including reducing dependence on traditional energy sources, saving energy and reducing dependence on the national grid. In countries with abundant sunlight, solar street lights are one of the best choices for illuminating streets, gardens, parks and other public spaces.


In the main streets and highways of the city, pedestrians are in an endless stream. The existence of solar street lights makes everyone’s traffic easier and more secure. Most streets are very dark at night without the presence of solar street lights. At this time, the first task of solar street lights is to keep them well illuminated, so the introduction of solar street lights makes the situation less dangerous.

Solar street lights can be easily fixed and installed, usually without the help of an electrician. The installation process of the lamp is also very simple, because it does not require any grooves or wiring. Just fix them firmly on the ground and you are ready to use.

Solar lights usually use LED lamps. The first reason is that the power of LED bulbs is much less than that of traditional bulbs, but they can still emit a lot of light and are brighter than traditional bulbs. This helps to extend the life of the battery, increase the life of the built-in battery, and from the opposite point of view, the lighting time will be longer.


Solar street lights are usually made of special materials to cope with inclement weather. The overall life of solar street lights is very long, and some can even provide up to 25 years of lighting with minimal maintenance. This means that the solar installation can run smoothly for a long time without needing to be replaced.

Easy to maintain

The installation of the light means that most of the work has been completed. Sunlight street lights can usually be used for a long time, so it takes a long time before they need to be replaced. The only thing that needs to be done is to clean the dust on the lamps regularly. If your area is rainy, rainwater can clean it for you. If you want to clean up more cleanly, you can use professional cleaning services.

The components on the solar lamp are basically fixed, and there are fewer movable parts, which means that the possibility of damage and repair of the solar lamp is lower. Compared with other traditional types of street lights, this greatly reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

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