For homeowners’ associations, solar street lights are a cost-effective option, and street lights can be installed in their communities. From brand new buildings to existing communities, solar street lights and solar area lighting can not only reduce operating costs, but also provide security, but do you know How much is a solar street light?

Traditional street lighting needs to bundle the lighting device with the grid system, trenching and underground wiring. This process is long, expensive and inconvenient for others. In addition, you have endless monthly electricity bills. The cost of underground wiring, field transformers and electrical enclosures is often higher than that of newly installed solar street lights.

In addition, if your project is in environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetlands, along the coast, or in sensitive ecosystems, solar light minimizes the impact on nature, avoiding sub-grade services and unsightly enclosures.

With a commercial solar lighting system, the project can be self-sufficient and ready to start at any time. It usually only takes 4-6 weeks from the initial inquiry to installation.

Whether you install new solar lighting or convert traditional solar energy to solar energy, you can save on ongoing electricity payments, and you never have to worry about power outages.



As we all know, for solar products, you will need an expensive initial investment. Therefore, traditional street lights are much cheaper. However, in the long run, solar street lights are a better investment than traditional street lights, because you have to pay all costs to maintain the performance of your lights.

Installation and maintenance are usually expensive, but solar street lights do not require regular maintenance or replacement. Just keep them clean and away from dust.

As for traditional street lights, they need to be set up with telephone poles, which can be very expensive. They also require regular maintenance, which will incur more costs.

Efficiency and brightness

In terms of visibility, solar lamps are very similar to sunlight because they have LEDs built into them.These LED lights give you the option to change the CRI or color rendering index to the color of the light you want.This improves visibility at night.

Conventional street lamps, on the other hand, usually have metal halide lamps.Most of the light from these high-intensity discharge lamps comes from an electric arc inside a compact emitting tube.Unfortunately, none of this compares to the visibility provided by solar- powered lights.Solar lamps use LEDs or light-emitting diodes, which use more energy and produce brighter light than CFLs or compact fluorescent lamps.


Good Impact on the Environment

Solar street lights pose no threat to the environment and its people. No fire can be ignited due to a lack of electrical wirings. In addition to that, accidents such as strangulation, overheating, and electrocution will never take place as well. They give off a lower quantity of carbon footprint than that of the traditional lights; thereby, making them eco-friendly.


On the contrary, traditional lights generate illumination merely from electricity which gets disrupted every occurrence of grid failure. The main advantage of solar street lights is it uses renewable energy from the sun, whereas traditional lights rely on electricity generated from nonrenewable fossil fuels and limited by power outages.


Weatherproof lamp

Finally, one of the main issues in choosing a street lamp is its durability. How can it stand still in a storm? Solar street lights are weatherproof and waterproof. This is not a problem. If they do not receive sunlight for a few days, they can use the remaining stored solar energy to convert it into electricity.

On the other hand, the design of traditional street lights cannot fully adapt to extreme weather conditions. Although there are some characteristics that can withstand all kinds of weather, others are easily damaged by sustained typhoons.

All in all, solar street lights are considered to be one step ahead of traditional lights. Nowadays, people have a great demand for smart technology lighting. There is no doubt that they can provide more that users need. Solar street lights can also promote activities such as walking, cycling, and going to the park. They improve people’s work efficiency and visibility at night.

The standard circuit lights purchased initially are much cheaper, but if you add up all the potential costs over time, they tend to be much more expensive. The cost of a typical high-pressure sodium lamp pole, fixtures, and mounting brackets is about $1,350, but the installation cost of installing the pole and connecting the wires from the pole to the transformer can be as high as $4,550, not including the first few Monthly electricity bill. At today’s price, the energy cost of each lamp in 25 years will be more than 5,500 to 6,000 US dollars.


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