Solar camping lamps are portable lamps that provide lighting at a camp, scare off wild animals, indicate the location of the camp, etc.Camping lamp should be equipped: light, easy to carry.Super energy saving, long life, effective light source solution, no burning, soft light source without stroboscopic effective protection of the eyes.

Solar camping lamps advantages

Waterproof design, all-weather use;Night working lighting, night fishing lighting;

Camping and field lighting;Car maintenance, garage spare, etc.Design as far as possible to choose and buy beautiful novel products, in the home is also a very good decoration.

There are many kinds of solar camping lamps. Now we basically use cold-light energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs. The earliest ones are dry battery type, but the disadvantage is that we need to carry more batteries and have a large weight.Now generally used are charge-type camping lamps, car charging, power charging, solar panel charging, etc., can be charged anytime and anywhere, convenient energy saving and environmental protection, and do not have to worry about the power problem, widely loved.

  1. solar camping lamps System function principle

(1) Working principle of input module

The solar cell module generates an electric current through the photovoltaic effect under the sunlight, which completes the charging function of the internal battery of the solar panel under the control of the controller.The CHARGING interface of USB power supply connects the power supply and the light body controller by means of wiring, and the charging function of the built-in battery is completed under the control of the controller.At the same time, the terminal device mobile phone can be connected with the light body controller through the data line, so as to realize the emergency charging function of the mobile phone with the built-in battery under special circumstances.USB port can be automatically detected to achieve the above two cases, and finally achieve the corresponding functions.

(2) solar camping lamps Working principle of the control module

The internal battery charging control is realized through hardware and software, including the normal internal battery charging function, charging indicator function and overcharge protection function.By placing the solar panel under direct sunlight, the charging function of the solar panel on the internal battery can be realized. By connecting the mains with the USB interface of the lamp body through the data line, the charging function of the internal battery can be realized.The indicator light shows green during charging, indicating normal charging;When the voltage at both ends of the built-in battery reaches 7.5V, the controller will automatically start the overcharge protection power and cut off the charging circuit.

The mobile phone charging control mainly realizes the emergency charging of the internal battery to the external load mobile phone.In particular, when the controller system is connected to the outside through the data line, the controller system will automatically detect whether to charge the internal battery or external load — mobile phone. This function is also one of the innovation points of the product.A USB interface for internal and external charging is unprecedented in electronic products. Through the realization of this function, it will promote the development of intelligent control to realize a multi-purpose intelligent system.

The lighting control realizes three cyclic lighting modes: astigmatism lighting, spotlight lighting, astigmatism lighting + spotlight lighting, and at the same time, 5 levels of brightness adjustment can be realized.The lighting control also includes the function of overdischarge protection. When the system is in a normal working state, the controller will constantly detect the voltage value at both ends of the built-in battery.When the voltage value drops to 5.5V, the controller will start the indicator light alarm function;When the voltage drops to 5.0V, the controller will automatically cut off the discharge circuit and no longer supply power to the outside world.

The radio control realizes the FM/AM radio, realizes the function of changing station through the radio knob, realizes the volume control through the volume knob, and converts the FM/AM radio mode through the FM/AM switch button.The product cleverly combines the radio antenna with the lamp body harmoniously, paying attention to the function while highlighting the product’s personality characteristics incisively and vividly.

Indicator light control through two small indicator light to achieve the internal battery charging/discharging/over charge/over discharge/internal battery to the mobile phone charging indicator power.Indicator light 1 shows green when the internal battery is normally charged;When the built-in battery charges the mobile phone, indicator 2 shows green;Built-in battery for external discharge when applied to lighting indicator 2 shows green;Indicator light 1 is in green flickering state when the built-in battery overcharges;Indicator light 2 is in red flash state when the built-in battery overruns.

3) Working principle of output module of solar camping lamps

As the load of the system, the output module is mainly the terminal display of the control function.Through LED to realize lighting functions, including concentrated lighting, scattered lighting and brightness control adjustment, we optimized the most basic functions of the solar camping lamps, making the terminal display in various ways, to meet the various lighting needs of customers.The radio realizes the normal tuning function, making the product closer to People’s Daily life.The indicator light clearly shows the working state of the control system, effectively plays an alarm role, and gives early warning before the over-charge/over-discharge protection function is enabled by the controller, so that the customer can timely change the lighting facilities or timely charge the internal battery through sunlight or municipal electricity.Mobile emergency charging function is relatively important for campers, this is also one of the ways in which our products embody humanistic care, cannot find the power in case of an emergency mobile phone charging of battery is low, can carry camping lamp to emergency charging of mobile phone, in order to ensure the normal touch of and the outside world.