Bbier LED shoe box lights are designed to replace 150W-1000W HID, metal halide lights and high pressure sodium light boxes in parking lots and other public outdoor areas. All of our LED shoebox lamps have a DLC premium for their wattage and are eligible for rebate utility. The Bbier LED shoebox lamps have a slim and low-key appearance and are made of bronze. There is no doubt that they can be customized in other colors like other LED lamps. Their waterproof rating is IP65 and they are made of aluminum radiator, 3030SMD and UL. List driver. All the materials we use are of high quality, and we have a 5-year warranty for these devices;

There are also different mounting options for LED shoebox lights, such as side arm mounting, sliding mounting, trunnion mounting or wall mounting. We provide flexible lighting solutions to solve your project, LED shoe box lights with 3-step dimming (20% / 50% / 75% / 100% wireless remote control), very suitable for parking lots, roads, car dealerships, campuses , Parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, shopping centers, and can replace street lights and steam lights, this slim Led shoe box has two sizes of 50w, 100w, 150w, 180w, 200w and 320w. Can use photoelectric sensor and motion sensor;

Shoebox lights provide an effective way to easily illuminate large areas. The shape and location of the lamps combine to produce a variety of lighting that is both powerful and effective. Shoebox lights are very important because they are used in areas where strong light is important. These fixtures are full of light so that surveillance cameras can easily capture everything. LED shoebox lights are extremely energy efficient, highly durable, easy to install and maintain, and can illuminate large outdoor areas. This is why they are widely used in business The main reason for the parking lot. With different precision refraction optical lenses and installation designs, LED shoebox lights are an ideal lighting solution for outdoor applications.