As we all know, Beijing will host the Winter Olympics in 2022. As one of the most eye-catching sports events in the world, the Winter Olympics will attract a large number of spectators to watch. Then, in order to enhance the sense of experience, a powerful lighting system is needed. Among the many lights, LED Stadium light undoubtedly plays an important role. So how much do you know about led sport light?

  1. Lowered Energy Costs

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics advocates the principle of “green, simple and safe”. LED sport light has become the first choice for arena lighting, because it has higher luminous efficiency than lighting products in other fields during R&D and design. This means that when using the same wattage, LED sport light is more energy-saving and energy-saving NS. Data shows that the brightness effect of 100W LED Sport Light is the same as that of traditional 300W lamps, which means that 66% of electricity consumption can be saved. This is very much in line with the “Green” principle of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

2.High CRI for vivid color

During the competition, athletes have very high requirements for vision, and they need to make the most reasonable judgments based on the details. LED sports lighting can help athletes focus on the activities that are taking place. This is achieved through a high CRI level to help athletes see the people around them. CRI is the balance between light and dark, but it is not limited to controlling the contrast. In a specific scene, it can make the scene more vivid. Although lumen is of great importance to sports scenes, temperature and CRI also play an important role. Important colors, including the colors of the court or sportswear, must be clearly visible. It also extends to the type of ball used, so it can be easily seen moving at high speed.

3.Lower Temperature

LED Stadium Light emits far less heat than HID bulbs, because it converts more heat into light, which will be of great significance to the Winter Olympics. It can provide sufficient brightness without affecting the indoor temperature. The heat emitted by the lighting will affect the temperature of the venue, increase the load of the air conditioner, and cause the melting of ice and snow and lead to safety accidents. The calorific value of the LED Sport Light is reduced, in this case the energy of the air conditioner is saved, and the safety is also increased.

4.Better Visibility

Compared with other types of lights, one of the main advantages of LED Sport Light is that they can provide a wider and brighter field of view. For the Beijing Winter Olympics, the organizer must ensure that every spectator present can watch the game clearly, so as not to affect the viewing experience.

All in all, LED stadium lights are a very meaningful technology, especially for large-scale events like the Olympics. The Beijing Winter Olympics is coming soon, let us look forward to this sports feast together and look forward to the perfect performance of LED Sport Light. If you are looking for more information about LED Sport Light or are considering LED stadium light conversion, please email us at We are always ready to help!