LED Stadium Lighting Buying Guide

Sports are not only for entertainment fun, but they can actually gather people of different cultures. Choose the LED stadium lights to greatly affect the development of players and games.

The LED Sports Lighting is a very professional and powerful sports light, which aims to work under the worst conditions. They are usually installed in a high position to improve visibility. According to the nature of the game and the intensity or lack of natural lights, these lights can produce the required effects in the sports stadium, thereby achieving the atmosphere effect required by the venue.

In this article, we will further study factors that need to be considered when buying LED stadium lights. Therefore, please continue to read to understand more information about this topic.

Factors need be considered when buying LED Stadium Lights

The LED staidum lights can provide an appropriate lighting experience indoors and outdoor stadiums. Compared with other lighting equipment, they have a long life span and provide greater flexibility and operability. Before buying LED stadium lights, there are several things to consider here.

Choose a suitable contractor with relevant experience

Before hiring a company or contractor to install LED stadium lights, check their working experience first. They should have some related experience in this specific field.

The company should be able to provide you with detailed information about the type of lighting suitable for this specific space. Whether the stadium will be used for training, national games or international competitions. Choosing a reliable contractor can ensure that you will get the best products and services. In addition, you will have experts to provide suggestions for you before the installation process.

That’s why you need some background checks. You can also ask for reference to ensure that you choose the right contractor for your job.

It is required to provide detailed contracts that list your lighting system specifications. It also includes the final completion date of a payment procedure and a ready -to -be. Remember, the record of all content will save you a lot of trouble.

Consider good service and fast delivery time

Installing the LED stadium light is not a simple job, it will take a few days or a week to complete it. You need to choose a company that provides timely services. If there is a problem with your lighting, it should be able to provide fast maintenance, so this situation will not have a negative impact on your upcoming activities. Ask the priority service and the estimation time of repair or replacement of lighting equipment.

Choose a superior brand chip

If there are several options available, please always choose high -quality choices. In the short term, superior chips may be more expensive, but they provide the performance you can reliable. Their failure rate is very low, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining and replacing them.

We have adopted lumiled SMD chip and famous brand driver of sosen or meanwell power supply, the quality

Consider the Luminous Efficacy

This refers to the number of lumens consumed by Watt. When you look at a large space like a stadium, the effect becomes very important. Fortunately, LED fixed devices are efficient, the normal standard have 130lm/w, and we can generate 150lm-160lm/w if your porject are need.

Consider the Beam Angle

The beam angle determines the distribution method of light. With a wide beam angle, the light will spread more to obtain a more uniform soft effect, thereby providing high brightness. When the angle is small, you will become strong and bright light, there are 15 30 45 60 90 degree available for different powers according to different places requirement.

The correct beam angle increases the visibility and eliminates the blind spots on the sports field. This ensures that players can better see everything when playing games. In addition, the audience will enjoy a better viewing experience during the stadium or broadcasting.

Choose the right LED stadiun fixtures to ensure that you can determine the correct beam angle for the stadium. Most high -quality contractors hire professional engineers who analyze the space of the stadium and ensure that the beam angle conforms to any regulations or rules.

LED outdoor stadium lights should be waterproof protection

LED lights used for stadium lighting should be waterproof, otherwise they will not last for a long time. In addition, regardless of the weather, LED lights should maintain functionality and emit the same light output. Therefore, it is essential to choose the air resistance and waterproof fixed device that will not be affected by the most challenging weather conditions.
Even in the indoor stadium, LED stadium lights will be highly humid. If it starts to rain or the humidity level is greatly increased, it is impossible to remove the lamps.

Consider color rendering index

In the stadium, players, live audiences and audiences watching games on TV broadcasting will enjoy a lighting system with higher color rendering indexes. CRI refers to the appearance of the object of light emitted by a bulb. Higher CRI is better because it can guarantee better visibility.

Fortunately, LED lamps have high CRI. However, you need to ensure that the CRI is at least 80 to get an excellent viewing experience. CRI will also affect the quality of the game or game, because the audience at home will be able to see every detail.

Consider warranty

Before signing the contract, take some time to study all the details and ask for all the necessary guarantees. High -quality lighting contractors will provide you with warranty of its products and services, so you can rest assured that the lighting system of the stadium will not fail. Even if this is done, someone will always be prepared to solve the problem. Our warranty is 5 years for led stadium light fixtures, and we have exported hundreds units to US customers, and got feedback from them.


Choosing LED stadium lights is something you should not give gently. Research and select reliable contractors to ensure the best lighting experience of players and audiences.