Ceiling fan lights can not only illuminate, but the fan part can also play a role in cooling down in summer. Although ceiling fan lights are more popular, there is a problem that cannot be ignored in the process of using ceiling fan lights, which is the shaking of ceiling fan lights. Then, what are the ways to deal with the shaking of ceiling fan lights? Today we will take you to understand.

一.Check the installation

If the ceiling fan light is not installed properly when it is installed, it is very likely to cause the ceiling fan light to shake, and the degree of shaking will be more severe. At this time, we can check whether the hanging ball on the ceiling fan lamp hanger rod is locked with the hanger that is locked on the top, whether the switch cover of the lamp is locked, and whether the screws of each part are loose.

二. Scale adjustment

When the angles of the fan blades are not parallel, the overall force of the ceiling fan lamp is uneven, which causes the ceiling fan lamp to shake. At this time, we need to adjust the high fan blades to be as low as the other fan blades, and adjust the low fan blades to the same height as the other fan blades. The specific adjustment steps are as follows.

  1. Align one end of the scale with the ceiling vertically, and place the other end at the end of the fan blade, and record the distance from the fan blade to the ceiling.
  2. Carefully rotate the fan blades of the ceiling fan light, check the distance between each fan blade and the ceiling, and then adjust the distance between all the fan blades and the ceiling to the same height.

三.Blade exchange

By adjusting the blades to ensure the balance of the ceiling fan lights, there are mainly the following methods.

  1. Equivalent adjustment method.Measure whether the distance between every two fan blades is equal. If the distance between every two fan blades is not equal, the whole ceiling fan light will have the phenomenon of gravity imbalance. At this time, we can remove the blades with unequal distances with tools, and then readjust the position.
  2. Exchange adjustment.Ensure the balance of the ceiling fan lights by exchanging the positions of the fan blades. Generally, diagonal fan blades or adjacent fan blades are interchanged to ensure the balance of ceiling fan lights.
  3. Adjust the balance weight.First of all, we need to find the balance point through the balance block. Add the balance weight to the fan blade of the ceiling fan lamp, turn on the ceiling fan lamp, and observe whether the ceiling fan lamp continues to shake. If it continues to shake, replace with another fan blade until you find the fan blade that the ceiling fan lamp no longer shakes.