What are LED Outdoor Wall Pack Lights?

A: Outdoor Wall Pack lights are the most common outdoor commercial light in america. They secure to the wall in a variety of ways and easy to install.

The front of the LED outdoor wall pack light open on a hinge for mounting and wiring, making them an installers favorite.

They are also highly versatile, the wiring can be from behind or through a number of conduit entrances.

Accessories such as photocells, motion sensors and battery backups can easily be added.

Wall Light Installation & Demo – How to install a wall light in a junction box – Led Outdoor wall Pack lights

Our led outdoor wall pack lights are the perfect solution to security, pathway and perimeter lighting applications where control of spill light is important.

Designed to be maintenance free and long lasting you can rest easy knowing that security of your building and the safety of pedestrians will not be compromised by a lamp outage.

LED Outdoor Wall Pack Lights Fixtures

LED outdoor wall pack lights fixtures come with a photocell for outdoor security lighting.

Firstly, they are mounted on the wall and the interiors of parking garages.

Secondly, wall pack light fixture is typically made of die-cast aluminum that is powder-coated.

Therefore, these wall pack lights can weather humid and extreme climatic conditions, making them a great choice for tough environments.

Likewise, due to this great flexibility and quality design, these LED outside wall lights are a great choice for just about any location, able to provide high power, quality lighting every day.

Above all,listed battery backups can be available for emergency lighting.

Paying Attention to Photocell or Dusk to Dawn sensor

What is a photocell ?

A: A photocell is a Dusk to Dawn sensor that keeps the light on at night and off during the day. Also known as a photo sensor these devices go in line on the hot side and turn the power on or off to the light based on the amount of ambient light in the area.

When choosing led outdoor wall pack lights fixtures you need to consider is whether the wall light offers photocells or not.

Nowadays, wall lights often offer a photocell.  Dusk to Dawn Outdoor LED Wall Lights is is a good way to enhance the security of your residential or commercial space.

It is an effective way to add safe lighting to your location. You can easily set the timer in order to avoid failure.

The timer can be replaced at any time without any trouble.

Measuring The Space

The LED wall lights are available in distinctive shapes and styles. Most people consider LED lights small, but this is not always true. There are some lights that are larger than the others just to have a different appearance or because they put out a lot of light.

Before buying a light, I am advise you can refer to our guiding article. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the space; you should leave a little space for cooling of the lights.

If the light is not fitted properly, it will cause inconvenience for you.


The last thing that you need to focus on is the voltage. The Led Outdoor Wall Pack Light work from 90-277 VAC. So, 120 volts, 208 volts, 220 volts, 240 volts, and 277 volts are all used commonly.

You can select the voltage of the light that suits your needs and requirements. An important thing to keep in mind is that you should not use voltage that is higher than 277volts. 480 volts requires special drivers.

Ultimately, you should choose LED wall lights thoughtfully, according to your needs.

We hope this guide helps you in picking the suitable LED wall lights that will add sophistication and class to your home. With so many choices in lights, it is easy for you to get confuse. This is why our experts are always ready to guide and help you select the best-LED lights for your space.


See this content to see how easy installing a led outdoor wall pack light typically is.  We can never stress enough to turn off the power and always double check the power is off with a secondary means.

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