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1250W Sport Field lighting Factory 130lm/W IP67 with ETL DLC listed for Basketball feild

MOQ: 1 Pcs (Min. Order)
SKU: ASR-1250W-Q4
Download: Spec Sheet
Power: 1250W
Colour Temperature: 2700-6700K
Lumen: 162500lm
Waterproof: IP67
Input Voltage: 100-277VAC
Warranty: 5 Years
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Modular stadium lights offer numerous advantages in sports arenas and field lighting, including the following:

  1. High Efficiency:
    • High Luminous Efficiency: Modular stadium lights use LED technology, providing higher luminous efficiency compared to traditional lamps. They deliver brighter light output with lower energy consumption.
    • Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly: LED lights consume less power and have a longer lifespan, reducing replacement frequency, maintenance costs, and resource waste.
  2. Modular Design:
    • Flexibility: The modular design allows for free combination of different numbers and powers of modules according to the needs of different venues, meeting various lighting requirements.
    • Easy Maintenance: With modular design, if a single module fails, only that module needs to be replaced, not the entire fixture, making maintenance more convenient and cost-effective.
  3. High Color Rendering Index:
    • True Color Reproduction: LED modular lights have a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), which can more accurately reproduce the true colors of objects, enhancing the viewing experience and athlete performance.
  4. Uniform Light Distribution:
    • No Flicker: Modular stadium lights provide uniform light distribution without flickering, reducing visual fatigue and being more friendly to the eyes of athletes and spectators.
    • Reduced Glare: Through optimal optical design, modular lights can effectively reduce glare, improving visual comfort and safety.
  5. Intelligent Control:
    • Dimmable: Modular stadium lights can achieve intelligent dimming, allowing brightness adjustment according to different events or scene requirements, thus enhancing energy efficiency.
    • Smart Management: With intelligent control systems, lights can be monitored and managed remotely, allowing real-time monitoring of light status and improving management efficiency.
  6. Durability and Reliability:
    • Shock and Dust Resistant: Modular lights have a robust structure, offering good resistance to shock, dust, and water, making them suitable for various complex environments.
    • Long Lifespan: LED modular lights have a long lifespan, typically exceeding 50,000 hours, reducing the hassle and cost of frequent replacements.
  7. Economic Benefits:
    • Long-term Cost Savings: Although the initial investment may be higher, their high efficiency, energy savings, and long lifespan result in lower long-term use costs, providing significant overall economic benefits.

Power 1250w
Model ASR-1250W-Q4
Luminous Flux 162500lm
Replacement HPS 3750W
Light Source SMD LED
Luminous Efficacy 130lm/W
Operation Temp -40 to +45℃
CCT 2700-6700K
CRI 70+
Life Span 50,000 hours at 25℃
Voltage 100-277VAC/50-60Hz
Material Aluminum alloy
Waterproof IP67
PF >0.95
Warranty 3/5 Years