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Building Projector 4800W IP54 LED Light Projector

MOQ: 1 Pcs (Min. Order)
Power 3600W-4800W
Color temperature 4000k 7000k
Light efficiency 110LM/W
Luminous flux 400000lm-540000LM
Color rendering index CRI>95
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Building Projector 4800W IP54 LED Light Projector Features:

1. Commercial projection advertising is a special form of advertising at present. Entertainment experience and two-way interaction have become the new darling of the advertising industry.
2. The refreshing projection advertising effect is suitable for municipal lighting and various display facades to enhance the advertising atmosphere. The advertising effects are rich in display, and theme effects can be produced according to different requirements.
3. Novel forms of advertising: Commercial projection advertising systems can be used for advertising on the facades of all public places, attracting audiences with their novelty and visual impact.
4. Convenient, simple and timely: it can be designed according to the effect required by the customer, and the content can be easily updated; the projected image area can be expanded to any required size; different interactive content can be set as needed to enhance the entertainment effect.
5. The projection area and projection shape can be changed according to the actual display effect and creative needs. Easy to install, disassemble and transport, it is suitable for both long-term and short-term exhibitions.

Comparison of projection advertising and ordinary advertising:

(1) Low price and reasonable price
In the past, the production cost of traditional advertisements was expensive and the procedures were cumbersome. At present, the production cost of architectural projection advertising is relatively low, and it is a wise choice for every far-sighted advertiser to achieve extraordinary results at a low cost.
(2) Cost-effectiveness
Traditional advertising media is just a dull picture, and months of exposure to the sun and rain will affect the effect of the picture; while the new architectural advertising projection uses a multi-frame ring picture switching function, and can project multiple giant pictures on a cheap wall or ground. Advertising patterns not only create a sense of activity but also double profits, easily realizing the business principle of profit.
(3) Easy to make and install
Architectural projection advertising will help you save all the inconvenience and allow you to complete the previously tedious work in a short time.
(4) Flexible and convenient replacement
Traditional ads are difficult to modify once they are created. If the details are changed, the entire advertisement will be overturned, causing unnecessary waste, and often cannot quickly cater to the ever-changing market and quickly express the company’s new concepts and new products to consumers.

Light source power 3600W-4800W
Color temperature 4000k 7000k
Light efficiency 110LM/W
Luminous flux 400000lm-540000LM
Color rendering index CRI>95
Light source life >20000h
Contrast ratio 10000:1
Resolution 4K dpi
Projection distance 5-200m, <350m
Projection area 3-600m², <1600m²
Protection grade IP54
Input voltage AC220V □AC110V □DC48V