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Circuit Control Concentrator

MOQ: 1 Pcs (Min. Order)

Small sized concentrator, remote control on the circuit of the power cabinet, built-in meter, RTC and GPS,4 DO 6DI, RS485 and USB, rail installation, DC12V, ≤5W

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– Built-in multi-channel relay control, achieve external AC contactor control.
– Built-in multiple DI detection for measuring external sensors or AC power supply.
– 3-phase AC meter detects AC voltage, current, power, power factor, and energy consumption.
– Power leakage alarm.
– Fault detection on the power supply and external devices, customized settings for alarm parameters, and automatic notification.
– The real-time debugging and operation status of the device could be read remotely with a web browser.
– Support local Wi-Fi debugging.
– Support local and remote upgrades.
– Support USB device extension to connect external devices.
– Support WebSocket, TCP/IP, and MQTT connections.
– Support GPS positioning, for automatic map acquisition.
– Built-in RTC enables scheduled tasks on the device based on time.
– The compact size of 162*90*65mm.