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150W Explosion Proof Led Light Fixtures with 5000K 100-277VAC



Explosion Proof Led Light Fixtures from Bbier lighting is available in 50W 100W 120W 150W 200W for decorative lighting wherever you need it. The LED explosion-proof light is widely used in offshore homework. For the selecting of marine explosion-proof lighting, the explosion-proof structure and temperature are important points, which are very professional. Measuring the weight of heat-dissipating is a simple and effective way to select the good boat LED explosion-proof light.

An appropriate power LED explosion-proof lamp, the relative weight is generally moderate. An inferior LED explosion-proof light manufacturer is unwilling to cost heat dissipating.The LED explosion-proof light is mainly based on high-power LED lamp beads and package integrated chips, combined with external structures and applicable places. It is should be cautious to select the LED explosion-proof lighting, especially the power and lighting. The size of the LED lampshade is closely combined. Since the temperature of the LED lamp is high, the high-power lamp naturally requires a larger outer shell to achieve good heat dissipation.


Project’s Place:USA
Project’s Time:2021
Application:Oil refinery lighting,Chemical plant lighting
Products: Hazardous LED Flood Lights 150W 20,250Lm with ETL UL Listed
Customer Review:Made a huge difference at our oil refinery! So much more light.

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