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150W LED Gas Station Canopy Light 5000K 5 Year Warranty



After dark, gas station lights can become frightening places, yet motorists need to be able to fill up without fear. The key to making gas stations more inviting, and safer, for customers is proper lighting. In fact, a well-lit gas station will be the one many customers choose over one that is poorly lit, simply because of the safety and comfort factor. Yet leaving the lights on will increase your costs. To manage the need for a well-lit space with the demand to cut utility costs, consider making the switch to LED canopy lighting.


Gas stations of old had a dull, poor lit look, a look that has been passed by time. Today’s gas station lights are efficient and high-quality. Lights that give them a sleek, modern look drawing in customers. Before LED gas station lights, the most popular lighting was high-pressure sodium lamps.HPS bulbs bathed every object with an orange-yellowish glow, dulling objects. HPS bulbs are often associated with low security. The dull low CRI light makes an area more susceptible to crime, especially at night.


Canopy Lights Gas Station have over time found that high-quality LED gas station light fixtures supply great benefits such as lower maintenance costs due to longer life span and the products’ ruggedness, less Co2 emission, and higher energy savings. Not only does LED lighting contribute to the station’s outcome, but also it helps to remain businesses competitive because the source provides a good expression that attracts and retains customers as well.


Project’s Place:USA
Project’s Time:2019
Application:Gas Station Lighting
Products:150W LED Gas Station Canopy Light 5000K 100-277VAC 5 Year Warranty
Customer Review:These lights are easy to install, the light output is appropriate for a gas station.

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