Solar street lamp posts are also called solar street lights, solar outdoor street lights, pillar-top LED lamps, solar light standards or solar light standards. It is fixed on a high pole. It clarifies the way to help people pass so that they can clearly see their way.The outdoor solar pole-top lamp is a lighting system composed of batteries, charge controllers, inverters, LED lights and solar panels. The LED solar rear dome light is portable and wireless, making it easier to install and maintain. It has no electricity and maintenance fees. It is used to illuminate streets in remote areas without a grid. This is an environmentally friendly, green and carbon-free outdoor lighting method.

It has a light-sensitive photocell, which automatically activates at dusk and overcast skies, and automatically turns off at dawn. These lights interact with the sun and clouds, dimming and brightening the lights. This is to save energy. The interior lighting controls of the building can actually sense when the sun can be used as natural lighting, when it is unavailable or when the clouds cover the daylight. The solar panels used for solar lamp posts are much smaller and are installed on the roof. They use the voltage drop of the energy in the solar module to detect when the sun disappears. The lighting level fluctuates slowly based on the available natural daylight.