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Popularization of knowledge about explosion-proof lamps

LED explosion-proof lamp is a type of explosion-proof lamp. Its principle is the same as that of explosion-proof lamp, except that the light source is LED light source. It refers to various specific measures taken to prevent the ignition of surrounding explosive mixtures such as explosive gas environment, explosive dust environment, gas gas, etc. Measures […]

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Why do we choose LED explosion-proof lights?

At present, the mainstream lamps used by enterprises are explosion-proof lamps equipped with mortgaged self-ballasted mercury lamps or increased safety explosion-proof fluorescent lamps equipped with fluorescent lamps, which have disadvantages such as low explosion-proof grade, poor waterproof performance, heavy maintenance workload, and low light source efficiency. The reason is that the life of the light […]

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What are the five types of LED Explosion-Proof lights?

Lighting lamps are indispensable electrical appliances in our life and work, and the same is true for explosion-proof electrical appliances. The reason why explosion-proof electrical appliances can be built is inseparable from the word safety, and it can be applied to all walks of life and production and processing. Therefore, this type is relatively complicated. […]

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What are the advantages of LED explosion-proof lights?

LED explosion-proof lights belong to a kind of electrical equipment used in special industries, which mainly solve industrial lighting problems in factories, warehouses, seaports, etc., and are small in size. Most of the LED is a very small crystal packaged in epoxy glue, so it is very small and very light. Low power consumption of […]

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