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How to hang UFO High Bay lights?

1. Hook Mount Step 1.Turning off the power Before the installation, it’s important to make sure to turn off the power. Do not install when power is still turned on, so as not to get shocked. Step 2. Wiring Connect the light’s wire to ac power. The black wire connects to live wire, the white […]

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How Many LED High Bay Lights Do I Need

How important is the UFO High Bay LED Lights? Lighting during a house is liable for influencing human behavior. As a result, people’s health and productivity. As an example, dim lighting will make people tired and impair their focus. Luckily, UFO High Bay LED Lights are turning into progressively common in industrial areas. These lighting solutions economize for presidency agencies […]

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How to Install LED High Bay Lights in Large Indoor Spaces

Teasers of UFO High Bay light A UFO high bay light-weight is devised as a UFO Disc. This Disc-shaped LED luminaire system is featured with a vital flat aluminum guard with optics that square measure exactly organized to optimize the distribution of sunshine around a given space without creating dependency on any large reflectors. Generally, this high bay light usage depends […]

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