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How long do led neon light signs last?

Led neon light signs are developed from neon signs but more and more popular than neon signs. Neon works are either in the form of signboards, giving people an exquisite and beautiful feeling, or in large-scale and large-scale shapes to form a shocking large scene; changing patterns, flashing lights, and bright neon make the night sky full of vitality and life Full of fun.

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What are the advantages of led neon light signs

The signboard is the facade of a store and the impression that the customer sees the storefront, so for a storefront, there is no doubt about the important role of the signboard. Signboard design uses a lot of materials, but the use of led neon light for signboard design, gradually loved by the shopkeeper. The store usually installs the led neon light signs in the form of letters or logo on the wall or shop window to absorb customers.

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