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Solar panel lighting and environment

You may use solar panels for lighting and worry about whether it will pollute the environment. You can tell you today clearly, don’t worry, there are related companies that develop solar panels that can be recycled, so when you can use BBIER’s lamps No guilt, environmental protection and corporate development can be coordinated; the separation technology of protective glass was developed by Micron Metal. The used panel is placed in a spraying device for spraying abrasives, and then the abrasives are sprayed at high pressure On the surface of the protective glass. Each panel only takes about 8 minutes to completely separate the EVA from the glass, and there is no problem with the panel bending caused by disasters. EVA will not be harmed at all, and the glass will be peeled off; the feature of this technology is that a variety of abrasives can be used, depending on the choice of abrasives, they can be used together as cement materials without the need to separate glass and abrasives. EVA is sandwiched between the battery cell (power generating element) and the battery. Electrodes, which contain large amounts of silver, which can be sold to recyclers through refining techniques.

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