In parking lot, it is very important to keep the parking lot light on for the safety of your employees, customers, or residents. There are many benefits of using led parking lot lights in parking lots. In this article, we will learn about some benefits of our led parking lot light fixtures.

Here is a video of our led parking lot light:

What Do You Need to Use Led Parking Lot Light Fixtures?

Traditionally, high intensity discharge (HID) lamps have been the choice of parking lot lighting. These HID lamps provide low-level light, high power consumption, high maintenance costs, and often make the eyes uncomfortable.

With the continuous aging of these HID lamps, their possession and operation efficiency are getting lower and lower. In the past decade, car park owners have begun to replace these inefficient HID lights with efficient parking lot lights.

What Are the Benefits of Led Parking Lot Light Fixtures?

  • 50,000 hours Long Lifespan

Are your high intensity discharge (HID) lamps often burning out ? It is very expensive to hire a maintenance person and dispatch a utility truck with a lift. So if you find that your HID lamps need frequent replacement, it’s time to consider replacing your current HID lamps with led parking lot light fixtures that have an average life span of 50,000 hours (over 10 years).

  • Even coverage and good light distribution

Our led parking lot light fixtures have type III, type IV and type V light distributions, different lighting distribution can be customized according to your different lighting requirements.

  • Low energy costs

led parking lot light fixtures have lower energy costs than old high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. For example, you can cut your energy costs by upwards of 70%-80% and shorten your payback period to less than 5 years by replacing HID lamps with high-efficiency led parking lot light.

  • Improve Safety

Broken lampsor uneven coverage will cause intentional damage and increase the possibility of adverse events. Led parking lot light fixtures has a high lumen output and good light distribution to Illuminate the entire parking lot to ensure your safety.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

with the continuous aging of HID lamps, they need additional maintenance and repair to maintain their normal operation. Led parking lot light don’t need additional maintenance and repair to maintain their normal operation. It’s easier to make the decision to switch to LED parking lot light.

  • Eco-friendly alternative

LED parking lot light is a more environmentally friendly choice for parking lot lighting. Compared with similar HID lamps, LED parking lot light do not contain mercury, emit ultraviolet light and produce less light pollution.


Through the above analysis, we can now come to the conclusion that led parking lot lights have many benefits in lifespan, light distribution, energy costs, brightness, maintenance costs and environmental protection. It is time to upgrading the LED parking lot light now.