With the development of the times, solar led yard lights have been widely used in residential communities, tourist attractions, parks and other public places. It not only improves the safety of people’s night travel, extends the time for people’s outdoor activities, but also embellishes the urban landscape and highlights the charm of the city. Solar led yard lights are convenient for people’s lives. What are the best solar led yard lights? How should we choose solar led yard lights?

This article explains the five strategies for purchasing solar led yard lights, and hope it can help you to have a deeper understanding of solar led yard lights.

1. Selection of lamp type: The solar led yard lights should choose the one that is reasonable. It is necessary to pay attention to determine the light distribution type of the lamp according to the function, size, and shape of the garden. Need to choose the one that can match, the style is consistent, and it can show a better decorative effect;

2. Pay attention to the lighting effect of the lamps: When choosing solar led yard lights, pay attention to the efficiency of the lamps. Under the condition of meeting the glare limit requirements, for the lighting that only meets the visual function, it is advisable to use direct light distribution lamps and switches. Open-type luminaires, most of the light sources now use LED light sources, which have high efficiency and long life;

3. Pay attention to choosing the ones that are easy to maintain: daily maintenance of solar led yard lights is a more tedious task, so we must pay attention to choosing the kind of lamps that are convenient to maintain, are not prone to problems in operation, and have relatively low operating costs to reduce Repair, reduce labor costs, etc.;

4. Pay attention to special places: some parks have a slightly special environment, such as humid or corrosive, so when choosing solar led yard lights, you need to pay attention to the actual situation and try to choose to meet Lamps and lanterns required by special environment. When high temperature parts such as the surface of lamps and lamp accessories are close to combustible materials, fire protection measures such as heat insulation and heat dissipation should be adopted;

5. Pay attention to the appearance of lamps and lanterns: the appearance of solar led yard lights needs to be in harmony with the courtyard environment, and should not be out of place. In addition, you need to pay attention to the difference between garden lights and street lights, especially in terms of height, the thickness of yard lights and the difference in aesthetics. Street lights are thicker and taller, and yard lights are more beautiful in appearance.

In addition, the selection of solar panels and batteries for solar led yard lights can refer to the purchase precautions of solar street lights. It can be seen that to choose a suitable yard light, it is not only necessary to be optimistic about the price, but also to consider comprehensively. The above situation, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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