Solar outdoor lawn lights and LED outdoor lawn lights are two relatively popular lawn lights. They have many similarities. They both have brightening and lighting functions. They can be used in all green spaces in life. There are many types of them. Which type should be more cost-effective?

Solar outdoor lawn lights and LED outdoor lawn lights can be used in all green spaces in life. There are many types of them. As lawn lights, they all have the function of lighting. This is what these two lamps have in common.

The most important thing about the solar outdoor lawn lights is that it has the function of lighting, and the appearance is low, and it can be widely used in areas that need greening; LED outdoor lawn lights have strong lighting functions and are also decorative, and are suitable for people’s living spaces. Every corner of the corner falls, playing the role of embellishment and lighting.

Solar lawn lights are green power sources that convert sunlight into electricity; LED lawn lights are also environmentally friendly and pollution-free power sources. They are easy to install and maintain. The difference is that if LED lawn lights are damaged, they can be replaced at any time; while solar lawn lights once In the event of damage, the system circuit will be paralyzed, and only the entire replacement can be used normally, which will result in higher cost and loss of solar lawn lights.

Compared with LED outdoor lawn lights, solar outdoor lawn lights have a longer life span than LED outdoor lawn lights. Because of the characteristics of LED, LED outdoor lawn lamp has good heat dissipation and low light decay rate. However, solar energy is converted electric energy provided by the sun, and the power usage is quite large, so the time for light to occur is short, and there is no good heat dissipation function, which is prone to light decay. Especially in the rainy days, the solar lawn lamp has a short use time or affects the use, while the LED lawn lamp is completely unaffected by the weather.

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