The choice of outdoor wall down light has become a puzzle for many people. How to choose? What wattage is most applicable?

How to choice outdoor wall down light?

    • Power factor (PF). Generally, if PF>0.5, the quality of the product is basically OK. Of course, the higher the power factor, the higher the product price. This coefficient can be detected by general power equipment.
    • Color Rendering Index (CRI). If the color rendering index is more than 80, the more real the light effect is, and of course the price must be higher.
    • Radiator. Look at the “heat dissipation conditions of lamps and lanterns-materials and structure. The heat dissipation materials used are mainly copper, aluminum, and PC. The heat conduction of copper is better. Aluminum has better heat conduction than PC. Now the integrated ceiling uses flat panel lights. The heat sink material generally uses aluminum the most, the best is the insert aluminum, the car aluminum (aluminum profile, extruded aluminum) is the second, and the worst is cast aluminum, iron, and plastic. The speed of heat dissipation determines the light decay of the LED down light. Therefore, when choosing an LED down light, it is recommended that you choose a shell made of aluminum, which dissipates heat faster and can ensure the normal lighting of the LED down light.

The quality of the lampshade. When purchasing an outdoor wall lamp, you must pay attention to the quality of the outdoor wall lamp. For outdoor lamps, the quality of the lampshade is very important. Generally, the lampshades we use are usually made of glass, while metal brackets are used. When choosing a lampshade, we must first see whether the light transmittance of the lampshade is appropriate, and the color and pattern matching on the surface of the lampshade should also be consistent with the interior design. The metal material of the outdoor wall lamp should also be paid attention to. Check whether the metal of the outdoor wall lamp has good corrosion resistance, whether the color and gloss of the outdoor wall lamp is full, and whether the quality of the outdoor wall lamp meets the indicators.

The brightness of the wall lamp. Generally speaking, the brightness of the outdoor wall lamp is also very important. The general lighting is mainly soft, and the power of the outdoor wall lamp is preferably 60 watts. In addition, when choosing an outdoor wall lamp, you must also look at the installation method of the outdoor wall lamp. Different types of wall lamp installation methods are also different. For example, a small room generally uses a single-head wall lamp, while a large room uses a double-head wall lamp. If there is more space, you can choose a thick wall lamp, a larger model wall lamp, otherwise, you can choose a thinner wall lamp. In addition, pay attention to choosing an outdoor wall lamp with a good bulb, so that it has good safety performance and prevents fires.

The shape of the wall lamp. When choosing the style of outdoor wall lamp, you should also pay attention to it. Be sure to choose the one that matches the installation place. You can choose the right one according to the size of the installation space and the required lighting brightness. The color of the outdoor wall lamp is best to coordinate with the color of the wall, and the thickness of the outdoor wall lamp should also be coordinated with the installation location. If the surrounding space is larger, then choose a thicker wall lamp. If it is a small space, just choose a thicker wall lamp. You can choose a thinner wall lamp. How to install outdoor wall lights

What wattage is better for different place?

  • Generally, 3W down lights are selected for bedrooms, 5-7W down lights are selected for corridors, and most engineering down lights are above 12W. When choosing the corresponding down light, it is more appropriate to choose the LED down light manufacturer, and Bibier Lighting is a LED manufacturer
  • The external environment plays a vital role in the wall lamp.
    Outdoor wall down lights should consider the external climate environment, such as wind, rain, sun, and even hail and other factors. Therefore, choosing a wall lamp suitable for your home environment is the prerequisite basis, so that it can be used safely.